Henry Cavill Can’t Beat One Part Of The Witcher 3

By Jason Collins | 3 weeks ago

the witcher season 2 henry cavill on netflix

WitcherCon, a global virtual celebration of all-thing-Witcher, featured two streaming events on July 9th and July 10th, respectively, discussing many things related to the novels, videogames, and the upcoming second season of Netflix’s The Witcher television show. The first stream featured a spotlight conversation with the show’s lead, Henry Cavill, who admitted to playing all three The Witcher games and failing to beat one part of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

WitcherCon Stream 1 premiered July 9th, 2021, discussing the recent development in The Witcher franchise’s universe, during which Henry Cavill admitted to not only reading the books but also failing one part of The Witcher 3 video game. Approximately two hours and twenty minutes into the stream, Cavill discloses completing the game on its second hardest difficulty, called Blood and Broken Bones, several times before attempting to play the game at its top-hardest difficulty, conveniently called Death March. According to his own statement, Henry Cavill took three attempts to get past the ghouls at the beginning of the game and plans to go back to Blood and Broken Bones difficulty before another attempt.

It’s no secret that Henry Cavill, best known for his leads in Man of Steel and The Witcher, is an avid gamer – a personal-life fact Henry shared on more than one occasion. After reading all The Witcher novels and playing through all the games based on the books, Cavill absolutely captured the essence of Geralt of Rivia on the small screens. So much, and to such an extent, that even the skeptics immediately embraced the show after just one episode. For those unfamiliar with the situation, many fans of The Witcher franchise were openly skeptical about Netflix’s adaptation prior to its release. The fact that the sales of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt increased by 554% thanks to the renewed interest in the series attributed to the show only goes as far as to prove the skeptics wrong.

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Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, with Henry Cavill as the lead, was a massive success, ranking among the top most-viewed TV shows immediately upon its release in December 2019. The first season, based on The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, short-stories collection that precede the main Witcher saga, ran for eight episodes before concluding with an epic encounter between Geralt and his destiny. The show’s massive success warranted a second season which now finally has a release date.

Everyone’s favorite celebrity gamer, Henry Cavill, is widely known for his love towards the fantasy gaming genre, having almost missed an audition for Man of Steel due to raiding in World of Warcraft. He even admitted, in the very same spotlight interview on WitcherCon, that he couldn’t help but notice how one of the chandeliers resembles the Blackstone Fortress from the Warhammer fictional universe (tabletop and software games, books, and other media). This sparked an ongoing meme-led campaign to cast him as the Emperor of Mankind – and for the record, he does appear in one of Warhammer titles, though as a minor role.