See Halo Turned Into Mario Kart

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

halo mario kart

In gaming, there are probably as many gamers as there are games on the current market, and trust us, the market is vast. Some people prefer oldies-but-goldies, like Super Mario, others like fast-paced first-person shooters, like the Halo franchise. If you happen to like both, well, prepare to have your socks blown off because Halo is turned into Mario Kart!

According to GameRant, a website for gamers written by the gamers, a Youtuber InfernoPlus created a Mario Kart mod for the Xbox shooter, allowing players to shoot each other while racing on Mario Kart maps within the Xbox game. InfernoPlus posted the video of the mod, dubbed “Halo Kart,” on YouTube, in which he humorously explains how and why he made the mod for one of the best FPS games in the history of gaming.

InfernoPlus, a well-known modder in the Halo community, used his skills and knowledge to fuse Nintendo’s Mario Kart 64 with Halo: Combat Evolved, granting everyone the chance to enjoy his work. The mod lets the players use a “wart cart,” which is inspired by Halo’s Warthog vehicle, to race other players over several tracks from the Mario Kart 64. The racing aspect of the game now features FPS elements, and apart from driving your opponents off the edge, you can now shoot them using various weapons from your Halo arsenal.

The mod looks incredibly fun to play from what we’ve seen, regardless of whether you’re a fan of modified gameplay or not. However, the mod is littered with unfixable bugs due to Halo’s engine limitations. All the bugs are discussed and acknowledged by the InfernoPlus himself in the video in which he presents the mod, linking the fun but buggy experience to “playing a Bethesda game at launch.”

Halo Kart isn’t the first mod InfernoPlus created; it’s actually one of many. He’s well-known for his humorous videos in which he presents and explains ridiculous mods he makes for Halo: Combat Evolved. One of his recent works includes “Dark Souls except it’s Halo,” a mod that brings the models and mechanics of Dark Souls title to the Halo game. He’s earned great respect among the Halo community, as modding helps keep the 20-years-old game alive by introducing new content.


Halo: Combat Evolved quickly became the Xbox’s flagship series after its release in 2001, prompting the release of several new installments and an upcoming TV series. The title was super-successful and credited for many innovations in the video game genre, which helped form the modern aspects of FPS gaming. Three years later, an expansion to the original game was released, called Halo: Custom Edition, which allowed the players to customize, browse, and play user-created content and maps, otherwise known as “mods.”

The expansion’s release gave rise to several modding communities, which share, discuss, and help improve other user-created content for the original game. Mods are generally well-accepted by both the modding and non-modding Halo audiences, as they’re a great source of fun. InfernoPlus’ mod “Halo Kart” is undoubtedly well-received by the community since it’s entertaining to play, despite its shortcomings.