Halo Infinite Leak Details Plans For Something Fans Have Been Begging For

Alleged leaks regarding Halo Infinite suggest that 343 Industries will soon release tons of new game content, including new maps, vehicles, weapons, and events.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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2021’s Halo Infinite, the most recent entry in the franchise, proved to be somewhat of a disappointment to the fandom—much like the same-name series—due to a vast number of technical difficulties the title has suffered. This is because 343 Industries couldn’t keep up with the public demand for content. However, several leaks regarding the upcoming Season 3 of Halo Infinite prove that the continued development of the title might finally head in the right direction, with a ton of new content coming soon.

As revealed on ResetEra, more than a year’s worth of content for Halo Infinite Season 3 has made its way online. This includes all the goodies 343 Industries is planning to include in the world’s most actionable FPS franchise; more than 20 maps are currently in the works, as well as new vehicles, weapons, narrative events, Firefight mode, Infection mode, etc. As with all other multiplayer content for Halo Infinite, the leaked content is likely undergoing extensive testing before it’s launched as a content update.

Extensive testing implies large-scale playtesting, which makes it incredibly difficult for Halo Infinite developers to keep the upcoming content under wraps. It’s not unusual for details regarding the Halo franchise to surface before any official announcement, even before the games are released. And these leaks aren’t limited to Halo Infinite alone; details regarding both multiplayer and single-player components also made their way online in the past, so while the news is fresh, it’s certainly nothing surprising.

As for the other leaked content, the upcoming season seems to be heavily focused on Iratus and artificial intelligence aligned with Banished and the game’s main villain. The early prototype of the upcoming content also suggests that 343 Industries plans to implement the highly-requested Infection Mode as the main multiplayer event. This model was featured previously in Halo 5: Guardians, which was an exclusive for one of Microsoft’s best products.

It has been highly requested ever since, and thankfully, 343 Industries has opted to implement the mode into Halo Infinite.

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Some insiders who previously had the chance to see the leaked content, as well as the content that wasn’t shared, reveal that 343 Industries has content planned up to Season 6, with numerous different weapons released along the way. Other rumors associated with the current leak suggest that the developer is currently working on over 20 maps, as well as starting menu tweaks and matchmaking screen backgrounds.

Halo Infinite launched in November 2021, and the game received favorable reviews despite some criticism regarding the game’s graphics. It’s most likely the best Halo game in the past decade, thanks to its captivating story and liberating gameplay. However, it had some technical difficulties, with gamers losing their matches and leaderboard scores, prompting 343 Industries to issue massive patches to fix the game’s multiplayer component.

Luckily, things have been going steadily ever since, and the game has added some of the most-requested modes and content. Thanks to these leaks, it’s safe to assume that the future of Halo Infinite isn’t actually in jeopardy—as we previously believed due to massive layoffs at Microsoft. However, with leaks being unconfirmed releases, we urge the readership to take the information regarding Halo Infinite‘s upcoming content with a grain of salt.