Halo Infinite Is Bringing Back Its Best Mode

Finally it's back!

By Jason Collins | Published

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After much back and forth, 2021’s Halo Infinite is finally bringing back its best gaming mode, and some of its most requested features finally have a set release date. This includes the release of the highly-requested Forge Mode and the full release of the game’s online campaign co-op gaming mode — both of which are arriving on the game day. However, there is some sad news as well, since the local split-screen co-op has been canceled.

As reported by IGN, 343 Industries announced its Winter Update, scheduled for November 8, which delivers some of Halo Infinite’s highly-request gaming modes — more specifically, the game’s Forge Mode, which allows gamers to create their own in-game content. This includes building new maps and missions using the new sophisticated editor and sharing them among the Halo Infinite community. The feature will release as a beta version, which means that a comprehensive list of included features still isn’t complete, and some things might not make the final cut.

To showcase the capabilities of the upcoming Forge Mode and their new map and mission editor, 343 Industries is also releasing two new Halo Infinite multiplayer maps as part of the Winter Update. These are entirely made in Forge Mode, and while the details are still scarce, its prowess is affirmed by the fact that one map creator managed to make a whole Halo Infinite Forge Mode map using 150,000 in-game bananas — the first crash happened at the banana crate number 900.

The Winter Update will also bring the full release version of the online Campaign co-op to all Halo Infinite players, allowing them to team up together and experience Halo Infinite’s story mode. The campaign is likely to bring new achievements, and 343 promised cross-platform support, mission replay, and shared progression. The latter is fantastic, as it enables gamers to request help from their online friends in regard to difficult mission sections or even entire missions. This sounds oddly familiar to Elden Ring and a living legend of a gamer who helps others with the Malenia fight.

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And while the campaign co-op for Halo Infinite is finally releasing, the same can’t be said for fans of the local, split-screen co-op. The split-screen co-op was one of the highly-requested gaming modes, which was previously in development, but has been scrapped since as 343 shifted its priorities to other aspects of the game. These aspects include improvements to the game’s live service, player feedback, and quality-of-life updates. This is truly disheartening news for fans of co-op play, considering that even Zelda got a co-op mode.

That’s not all; the Halo Infinite Winter Update also brings a plethora of other content, including Match XP and Covert One Flag, which should spice things up a bit, considering that the game went through a period of content drought. Forge Mode and Online Campaign Co-op are clearly the biggest addition to the game, meant to incite players to game and create amongst themselves. Halo Infinite Winter Update is currently scheduled to launch on November 8, one week before the game’s one-year anniversary.