Halo Infinite Update Brings In Fan-Favorite Mode

Halo Infinite's Forge mode is back!

By Jason Collins | Published

343 Industries finally released key gameplay modes in Halo Infinite, nearly a year after the game’s release in December 2021. The update brings a trove of new features, like the previously announced Forge mode and the online campaign co-op, among other minor improvements. This is a massive improvement within the game, especially when it comes to its multiplayer component, which was incredibly buggy, and at times, outright broken.

Well, all that has changed, according to Destructoid, though it took 343 Industries and Microsoft an entire year to get their flagship game in order. The new update brought plenty of features, including the Halo Inifinite’s Forge Mode, which is currently accessible to the players, despite its current beta status. This means that additional improvements are planned, and the mode support canvas maps, and non-developer-made maps, in its current state.

Support for developer-made maps will be implemented in one of the future updates.

Another major addition is the network campaign co-op — not the split screen kind — which would allow up to four players to progress through the campaign. Of course, the difficulty would scale to match the number of players, and the progression would still remain after your friends have disconnected from the game. This means you can call your friends as a backup when you’re in a pinch during your Halo Infinite progression and continue the game without them once they’ve helped you overcome the obstacles.

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It stands as a pretty interesting way to play that wouldn’t imply starting a strict co-op campaign from scratch. The new update also includes the campaign mission replay, which goes hand in hand with co-op features, and 420 additional Gamerscore points worth of new campaign achievements. In addition to the aforementioned, 343 Industries also released a 30-tier season pass for Halo Infinite, including the season pass progression update, with a heavier emphasis on match XP.

343 is still having difficulties with figuring out the form of battle pass progression, and the update actually brings several new implementations into the existing battle pass system. Halo Infinite had a rocky pre-launch and post-launch roll-out; 343 Industries announced a plethora of fantastic features but fell short on delivery. Interestingly enough, the sorry state of Cyberpunk 2077’s was still the talk of the gaming community, so nobody but diehard Halo fans raised their concerns regarding the rocky launch.

In fact, Halo Infinite was delayed before its release and then launched without a long-running core feature included in the game. These were previously announced by 343 Industries, and fans were reasonably upset when the game launched without said features. But 343 Industries delivered what they promised, like the aforementioned Forge mode and network campaign co-op.

The developer also plans to launch a Winter Contingency II and Joint Fire event, allowing gamers to win awards for completing Event Challenges.

Other than everything listed here, the new update added a new multiplayer mode and several other multiplayer maps. A full description of everything included in the new Halo Infinite update can be found on Halo Support. Anyone interested in testing out the newly added features can play Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Windows PC.