GTA 6 Projected To Make A Staggering Amount When It Releases

GTA 6 is predicted to make nearly two billion dollars in the first week of release.

By Jason Collins | Updated

The gaming industry has surpassed Hollywood when it comes to revenue, as big names in the industry continue to make massive hits that earn millions upon millions of dollars, and Rockstar is projecting that the upcoming GTA 6 will make a billion dollars in the first week of its release. This wouldn’t be surprising, considering that the gaming community has been expecting the game for a good part of the decade.

According to TweakTown, financial analysts are weighing in on the potential earnings of the upcoming GTA 6, stating that they expect the game to sell a billion dollars worth of copies, both physical and digital, in the first week of its release, expecting that the game will sell some 25 million copies in that period. This report follows the reports of Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, which predicts a massive increase in revenue for the upcoming fiscal year thanks to the upcoming releases of groundbreaking gaming titles.

While the company didn’t mention GTA 6 specifically, there aren’t that many gaming titles we’d expect from Rockstar, or, in other words, they haven’t announced that many titles capable of providing a significant bump in revenue. But here comes the fun part; assuming that the game sells 25 million copies in its first week, which isn’t that hard to imagine for such a highly-anticipated gaming title, at industry standard prices for triple-A titles, the figure goes well beyond a billion dollars. It actually goes up to $1.75 billion.

grand Theft Auto 6

$1.75 billion is more than Minecraft made since its release, and assuming that GTA 6 really makes that kind of money, it would dethrone 2022’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as the biggest entertainment release in history. And there’s really no reason why the game wouldn’t sell; its predecessor, GTA 5, sold $1 billion worth of copies in just three days. Sure, we could argue that the market was different a decade ago—and it was—but we can’t underestimate the fandom’s insatiable thirst for the next installment in their favorite franchise.

Grand Theft Auto V dropped in 2013 for the seventh and eighth generation of consoles. Considering that, both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 had a very healthy generational lifespan with tens of millions of units already sold, which significantly boosted sales of the previous game. Admittedly, Rockstar still hasn’t announced on which platforms GTA 6 would release, but it’s entirely possible that the eighth generation of consoles won’t be neglected.

The ninth generation is still behind the eighth in terms of sales, and there’s really no reason for Rockstar to gut-punch themselves.

There’s only but a handful of games that were released as ninth-gen exclusives, and console makers and their first-party studios are being criticized for it. Microsoft dropped Redfall, a playable abomination for which the company apologized, while developers prayed that it would be canceled before release, and Sony dropped Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and perhaps a handful of other titles. Many believe the upcoming GTA 6 will be a last-gen exclusive, but we don’t see it happening.

We might be wrong, but then again, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still very much active.