Grand Theft Auto Online Confirms Which GTA 5 Ending Is The Real One

By Jason Collins | 8 seconds ago

gta 5 ending

Each of the three GTA 5′ s endings has wildly different consequences that include saving or killing one or more of the game’s protagonists, so the fans have long debated around which conclusion is officially canon. Rockstar Games never directly offered a solution to the debate, which admittedly didn’t stop the fans from developing solid theories that the next game in the series, the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, will answer all questions — assuming that the next game takes place after GTA V. However, confirmation regarding the canon ending came from elsewhere.

Grand Theft Auto Online has always had a strange relationship with the main game’s timeline and narrative, mostly thanks to newly added content that contradicts GTA V’s established storylines. However, as reported by Kotaku, GTA Online’s latest update, The Contract, makes numerous references to the main game and its canonical ending. The information is delivered via an easy-to-miss dialogue sequence that confirms that Micheal is alive in GTA Online and that the mission Deathwish is the official GTA 5 ending.

The delivery is very subtle and happens during a golf cart chase through a movie set, in which Franklin (one of the GTA V’s protagonists) says that he knows one of the producers on the set, and he hopes the producer didn’t show up for work today. This is a clear reference to Michael, who becomes a movie producer at the very same movie studio, allowing him to work on films and live out his dreams. Michael being alive and still working at the movie studio confirms that Deathwish is the official canon in the GTA universe.

For those who haven’t explored all the game’s options, GTA V’s antagonists Steve Haines and Devin Weston ask Franklin to kill Trevor and Michael. The players are offered three choices: listen to Steve and kill Trevor (option “A”), listen to Devin and kill Michael (option “B”), and forgoing both possibilities, and teaming up with Trevor and Michael to take down all the remaining foes (option “C”). Choosing C as a GTA 5 ending sets the protagonists against the in-game’s law enforcement agency FIB, and a mercenary group called Merryweather. After a shootout, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael decide that it’s for the best that all scores are settled.

gta 5 ending

Michael takes out Stretch and the Ballas, Franklin takes out Wei Cheng and the Triad, and Trevor eliminates Trevor Haines. Afterward, Trevor kidnaps the game’s second antagonist, stores him in a trunk of a car, and the trio pushes the car off the cliff, parting ways as dysfunctional friends, leading to the events of Post-V GTA Online. GTA Online’s newest content release, and simultaneously Dr. Dre’s latest album, released yesterday for all major platforms. It adds a series of missions revolving around Franklin and Dr. Dre’s lost phone, which the players set out to recover, as it contains a lot of unreleased and unfinished material. And despite the long loading times and server issues plaguing GTA Online, The Contract is one of the biggest treats fans of the series ever got. However, it still begs the question: what happened to the main course?