Grand Theft Auto Is Now Offering Its Own Subscription Service

By Jason Collins | 2 months ago

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has finally happened; Rockstar Games is finally joining other gaming giants, such as EA and Ubisoft, by offering its own monthly subscription service aimed at Grand Theft Auto Online players. The upcoming service caters to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players and provides them with a monthly cash bonus, exclusive access to new rewards, double and triple experience events, and much more.

According to Kotaku, Rockstar Games’ newly announced subscription service, called GTA+, will launch on March 28 for only $6 a month, offering a varied list of in-game benefits. Naturally, some are better than others, but most players would be interested in the main benefit of the subscription package — cash. For just $6 a month, subscribers get a monthly deposit of $500,000 in-game. That amount of money is still available through Shark Cards, at approx. $10, so this is a notable step towards inciting players to buy into Rockstar’s service.

Of course, cash is only a part of a relatively sweet deal. GTA+ subscribers would also get early access to a new car and free upgrades for that vehicle, which is exclusive to GTA+ members. This also includes a free auto shop and membership to the LS Car Meet, which offers some of the best missions and content in Grand Theft Auto Online at the moment. Admittedly, not a bad deal — for only $6, you get respectable goodies and cash delivered to your in-game doorstep.

But that’s not all. Rockstar promised regular updates to the subscription offer in terms of rewards and gifts for GTA+ members as time goes on. So, it’s entirely possible that the future will hold even better rewards and exclusive items. However, the most important thing regarding this subscription service is the fact that all the items that benefit from monthly payments remain with players even if they stop paying for the Grand Theft Auto Online premium subscriptions.

grand theft auto online subscription

Sure, cars and yachts sound sweet, and cash is by far the best part of the deal, but it’s not the only one. GTA+ subscribers will also have access to double and triple EXP events, which would aid quicker character development. So, cash, items, and faster progression for only $6 per month provide a significant advantage over non-paying gamers, indicating that Grand Theft Auto Online went into full pay-to-win mode. Apparently, gaming isn’t about fun and skills; it’s about the thickness of one’s wallet.

Pay-to-win is a despicable practice, in our honest opinion, since it’s a sanctioned cheat system offered by gaming developers and publishers that hypocritically grant Grand Theft Auto Online gamers unfair advantage over others, as long as they pay. What’s the next step, allowing scripts and bots, for an additional monthly fee? Is purchasing a game/subscription and watching a program or a script play it a new form of gaming?

It’s quite similar to how kids nowadays would rather watch YouTube videos of other people playing with toys rather than playing with those same toys themselves. At the end, where’s the good old feeling of accomplishment once you’ve achieved your in-game goals? Disappointing, really, the resources invested into GTA+ could’ve been put to better use, like finishing work on Grand Theft Audio VI.