Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Is Massive, Here Are Some Highlights

The Grand Theft Auto 6 leak has a details on the main characters and locations.

By Jason Collins | Published

More than eight months have passed since Rockstar Games announced the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, the sequel to a massively popular GTA 5, the game which spanned over three console generations. Following the announcement, however, Rockstar fell silent, and no updates were offered about the game’s development. All of that changed this weekend when a massive, unprecedented leak containing more than 90 videos of the in-development Grand Theft Auto 6 surfaced online. Here are some of its biggest highlights.

Unfortunately, we can’t actually link all the footage; according to Kotaku, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has started to issue copyright claims against the leaked content on various social media and media streaming platforms. Considering the number of online shares and the magnitude of fans’ excitement, Take-Two lawyers might be fighting a losing battle, but one shouldn’t underestimate the power of money that backs up these media conglomerates. Those interested in viewing the leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 footage can do so with a Google search and a few mouse clicks.

As for the most interesting part — the footage — there’s about 50 minutes of it, and most videos included in the leak are very short. Longer videos show Grand Theft Auto 6‘s female protagonist robbing a dinner and threatening its staff and customers. The NPCs offer a fantastic and very real-like fearful reaction to having a gun pulled on them. Another piece of material shows her and her male accomplice in a shootout with the police before hijacking the police car and driving away. The graphics in all videos are great and quite realistic, but still consistent with the GTA aesthetics.

grand theft auto 6

Perhaps the biggest of all Grand Theft Auto 6 highlights is the franchise’s return to one of its most iconic locations — Vice City, Florida. However, the upcoming game is set in modern times, so the current iteration of Vice City, while still recognizable, is much bigger and much more in line with the current urban trends. Based on the leaked footage, players will have the opportunity to explore Vice City’s city centers and their recognizable locations, such as the Malibu Club, the Ocean View hotel, Little Haiti, and Vice Beach. This actually lines up with the previously leaked information.  

As for the Grand Theft Auto 6 aforementioned protagonist, the initial announcement introduced the franchise’s first female main character, which went exactly how everyone imagined — with the segment of the fandom complaining about Rockstar’s catering to the SJW movement pushing for the inclusion of ladies in the male-dominated franchise. However, the franchise veterans were quick to point out to their younger “colleagues” that the early installments of their favorite franchise featured female protagonists — which had no adverse effects on the gameplay.

With that said, as per leaked footage, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 will star two characters: the aforementioned female protagonist, Lucia, and a man named Jason. They apparently have a Bonnie and Clyde-type of relationship, which is also backed up by the mention of the crime world’s most iconic couple in some debug menus shown in the leaked footage. Whether the dual-character gameplay was planned from the beginning or Rockstar added a male figure to appease the disgruntled fans is and will likely remain unclear.

Other interesting features in Grand Theft Auto 6 include a significantly improved cops AI — the Five-O now seems better organized, more tactical, and more coordinated. This also means that you’ll have to ditch and switch vehicles when escaping the police. Also, there’s mention of swaps, and their native wildlife, including alligators and numerous other beasts that players would have to watch for when traversing Vice City’s surrounding areas.

Despite the awesomeness of leaked content, it’s worth pointing out that Grand Theft Auto 6 is still a work-in-progress, and some of these features might not make it into the game’s final cut. As of right now, the game still doesn’t have an official release date, and it’s quite possible that the massive leak might affect the game’s development.