Gotham Knights 2 Actually Happening Despite Major Criticisms?

More content for Gotham Knights has been teased on social media.

By Jason Collins | Published

Gotham Knights

Despite the messy launch back in October 2022, WB Games Montreal teased new content for Gotham Knights just a few days back; since it’s too early for a sequel, we’re probably awaiting a DLC release. This comes as a surprise for everyone, considering that the game was essentially burned down by both the critics and gamers, mostly for its lack of an important function on consoles and exceptionally high PC system requirements.

As reported by, one of the most anticipated games of 2022, which failed to hit the mark epically, has teased some kind of upcoming content on April 26 via Twitter. Days later, DLC for Gotham Knights, called The Kelvin Incident, went live, and brought a 15-floor raid to the game. We have to admit that it felt way too early in Gotham Knights’ life cycle—or lack thereof—for a sequel to the game that didn’t fail to gain the audience’s attention but succeeded in losing it faster than Square Enix and Marvel did with their biggest game that’s officially dead now.

The new Gotham Knights content, a 15-floor raid, unlocks in several different ways. Players are required to either end the storyline and start a New Game Plus mode—during which the content unlocks—or by defeating all the villains in the game’s side missions. Anyone who has ever played anything resembling an RPG knows that the latter method is the way to go because end-game bosses become lesser than kittens once all side missions are complete and all the amazing gear has been acquired.

gotham knights gameplay

However, the new Gotham Knights raid isn’t just one of the developer’s gimmicks but a tougher challenge for gamers. The enemies in this new raid are considerably stronger and more difficult to beat, but they do drop a higher tier gear and transmog items that change the look of your Batcycle. This sounds very similar to the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Mythic system, in which in-game raids become notoriously difficult to beat and require nearly perfect coordination of party members, of Mythic+ for dungeons, which scales dungeon level up by as much as 20+ levels.

It’s worth remembering that Gotham Knights was an enormous disappointment for fans of the Bat Universe, and nobody really expected a DLC for a failure. But then again, Marvel’s Avengers fared marginally better, received several DLCs, and then went out with a whimper, not a snap (pun fully intended). Besides new content brought by the DLC, Gotham Knights has also received several accessibility options, such as control remapping—hey, does anyone remember a time when control mapping was built into the games as a standard option at the title launch?

There’s also text-to-speech that’s supposed to help gamers with impairments discern texts and menus within the game. The PC version of Gotham Knights also got support for Steam Deck accessories and dynamic cloud saves, several technical improvements, and several optimizations for performance. It’s interesting that all of these features were standard a few years back, and we had them at launch, but now, when you buy a physical copy of the game, you get a disc that only serves as a key that you bought the game so that you can download it from respective digital storefronts.