God Of War Ragnarok Is Bringing In The Best Mode

The New Game+ mode is confirmed to be released for God of War Ragnarok in the spring.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Despite not winning the Game of the Year award—which went to the record-breaking Elden Ring—2022’s God of War Ragnarok is still a massive success with Sony, and the publisher is continuing its support for the game by implementing the New Game Plus mode. According to IGN, the new gaming mode will arrive in Spring 2023, and Santa Monica stated it would share more details as the release approaches. This is fantastic news for the fans of the game that is now at the forefront of accessibility options and inclusion in gaming.

Millions of players have already successfully completed the narrative of God of War Ragnarok, whose ending even made some people cry, and some are going through the game again, looking for any items, quests, or easter eggs they might’ve missed during their first playthrough. This means going through the same challenges as before. However, those looking for an extra challenge can now rejoice, as the new, harder difficulty is going to arrive in a few months — God of War Ragnarok is scheduled to receive an upgrade.

New Game Plus is an incredibly interesting gaming mode, as it boosts the difficulty settings beyond those previously seen while allowing gamers to carry over the equipment and abilities they earned during the first playthrough. It also implies certain features not normally available in a first playthrough or where certain aspects of the finished game affect the New Game Plus in some manner. We still don’t know what the God of War Ragnarok NG+ would entail, but the main idea behind these modes is to provide the ultimate endgame activity.

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2018’s God of War, which made its jump to PC, received its NG+ mode months after release, and it seems that Sony is trying to do the same with the sequel. NG+ in the previous game allowed gamers to start the game anew with Blades of Chaos already in hand and all the armors, talismans, and skills carried over from the previous playthrough. However, this doesn’t mean that you can defeat enemies more easily—in fact, the in-game opponent’s scale with the new game difficulty often proves quite tricky to defeat.

In fact, the NG+ mode of the previous game also changed the attack patterns of a few enemies and bosses, requiring gamers to keep their guard up during the second playthrough. Story-wise, nothing has changed, but the experience brought out a more intense Kratos whose previously established strength and combat prowess are a requirement for completing the NG+. As previously stated, we still don’t know how the NG+ for God of War Ragnarok would function, but we can assume that it will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

God of War Ragnarok was released on November 9 this year and sold out 5.1 million units in its release week, surpassing Sony’s expectations and becoming the company’s fastest-selling first-party launch in PlayStation history. And though it didn’t win the GOTY award, it took several other awards in different categories, including Best Performance for Christopher Judge.