See How To Easily Beat The Most Annoying God Of War Boss

A Reddit user posted a video on how to stunlock Ormstunga from God of War Ragnarok.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Sony’s God of War Ragnarok is a massively successful gaming title that offers quite a unique gaming experience and, just like the award-winning Elden Ring, some of the most overpowered bosses in gaming. Countless players have been slain by the dreaded boss Ormstunga before a single player found out that the boss can be stunlocked and killed with just a single move. This exploit is certainly going to bring relief to some gamers, especially those who just want to enjoy the narrative and not break their thumbs on the controller.

According to GamesRadar+, this God of War Ragnarok video was shared by a Redditor, MrWosabi, which allows gamers to forget about all the dodging and parrying involved in this boss battle. All that’s required is to get the boss on the ground using a smash attack that would drive him into the ground, and then pile drive him using Kratos heavy spear attack repeatedly. This would prevent the boss from getting up while slowly draining him of his health—and we make a strong point by saying that it’s crucial for you to get his health bar to 0 before he does the same to you.

Truth be told, God of War Ragnarok has quite a few bosses that are difficult to beat, especially on greater difficulties, but that’s to be entirely expected from the final game in the Norse saga. It’s quite presumable that a Valkyrie commander or legendary Norse Berserker warriors would be difficult to beat. But no one ever expected Ormstunga, a random boss hiding in a cave somewhere in the game’s vast open world, to be incredibly difficult to defeat. Reminds us of the Malenia fight from Elden Ring.

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God of War Ragnarok‘s Ormstunga is what gamers like to call “a sleeper” boss—a game character that looks like it’s made of glass and easily beatable, only to pack a punch that would send you back to the latest checkpoint. If you happen to reduce his health below 50 percent, some of the recently implemented accessibility options might help you win this fight, but we wouldn’t count too much on that. Ormstunga has exceptionally long combo chains and some ranged attacks randomly weaved between them, which makes this boss exceptionally difficult to beat, especially in toe-to-toe combat.

But Ormstunga isn’t the only God of War Ragnarok boss that’s difficult to beat; there are a ton of side-quest bosses that are entirely optional, meaning that their defeat isn’t crucial to the game’s ending. However, every experienced gamer knows the benefits of completing all side quests before engaging in end content. Defeating optional bosses, regardless of how challenging their combat mechanics are, will undoubtedly grant exciting and powerful rewards that can make the gameplay much easier as the players progress toward the end game.

Ormstunga, along with Olaf Nautson, Gravel Belly, Crag Jaw, and Gna, the Queen of Valkyries, is among the optional bosses, which, according to gamers, are harder to beat than the mainline antagonist, Odin. Luckily, witty gamers are never tired of experimenting and finding the best possible mechanics approach to defeating bosses—though God of War Ragnarok already made the game easier through its accessibility options.