The Pioneer Of The Gaming Mouse Has Sadly Passed Away

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

razer boomslang robert krakoff

The gaming world is collectively mourning the passing of one of the most important figures in the community. Robert Krakoff aka RazerGuy passed away at the age of 81. For those who might be familiar with Krakoff by name, or by his more used nickname, he is the pioneer behind the release of the original gaming mouse. The gaming mouse changed the way that PC gamers played everything. You can see the announcement of his passing below:

The world of gaming was forever changed in 1999 when the Razer Boomslang gaming mouse came out. While Robert Krakoff was not the creator of the mouse, he was instrumental in helping the product to be released. Krakoff partnered with Fitch, which was a marketing company that also helped create the brand, Razer. Fitch and Krakoff helped to create the Razer name, three-headed snake logo, website, packaging, and the design and engineering aspects of the Boomslang mouse. Without the passion for gaming that Krakoff held, the original gaming mouse might have never been introduced to the world. And without the gaming mouse, people would be suffering much more from carpal tunnel syndrome. The gaming mouse has certainly gone through plenty of evolution, including some odd but amazing ergonomic models that exist currently.

When the original company, Karna, went bankrupt, Robert Krakoff stepped in to co-found Razer. He achieved this with the current CEO of Razer, Min-Lian Tan. Razer was started in 2005, and became a household name, especially in terms of the gaming mouse. The Razer Boomslang mouse completely changed the game and allowed earlier games to find fluidity with how the mouse operated. Without Razer, Krakoff, and Tan, the gaming world might have been worse off for years.

Robert Krakoff was certainly a man with a vision. He had the foresight to understand how important the first gaming mouse would be to the world, as he was instrumental in getting the Razer Boomslang to markets. He became the face of Razer and often included a personalized message from the RazerGuy on all Razer products. His email would be attached to the products as well so that companies or customers could email him with any questions or concerns. Krakoff was known to be a philanthropist of sorts as well, as he would often hire up-and-coming journalists that contacted him, as well as started an energy drink company that was focused on healthier energy drinks and pre-workout products.

Razer has turned into one of the most profitable and trusting sources for all products that relate to gaming. Mouse, keyboards, monitors, laptops, gaming shells, and even console controllers. The company exploded thanks to the original ideas behind what Razer could truly become. Robert Krakoff changed gaming forever, by using his knowledge of marketing to release a mouse that helped change the landscape of competitive gaming. No cause of death has been revealed by Razer or the family of Robert Krakoff. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Patsi Krakoff, kids Scott and Robin, and five grandchildren.