Foundation Is Being Turned Into A VR Video Game, Here’s What We Know

Isaac Asimov's Foundation is being adapted into a video game for Sony's PlayStation VR 2 headset.

By Jason Collins | Published

Foundation review lee pace
Lee Pace in AppleTV +’s Foundation

As always, Sony’s PlayStation State of Play broadcast is always filled with interesting gaming titles, from the teased Wolverine game to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2—which we eagerly expect to launch in Fall 2023. But the newest announcement was a big surprise, as Archiact, a Canadian development studio, is turning one of Isaac Asimov’s most-beloved works, the 1951 Foundation, into a VR video gaming experience.

According to VRScout, Isaac Asimov’s classic sci-fi book series is getting a PlayStation VR 2 adaptation, titled Journey to Foundation, which is currently scheduled to release in Fall 2023. A trailer for the game debuted on PlayStation’s State of Play stream, showing the first look at what players could expect from the game. The trailer showcases the first-person stealth segments from the game, in-game conversations, platforming, gun fights, and many other aspects of the Foundation game to entice the fans of the book series

As with many of Asimov’s works, Foundation has been a massive influence on the science fiction genre and has shaped much of what we see today regarding technological advancements—touchscreens were science fiction once. So, it’s easy to understand why someone would want to transform such an influential work into an interactive gaming experience. It’s an incredibly rich narrative, with players plunged into an epic journey that will make them decide which factions rise and fall, thus shaping the future of all.

foundation season 2
The cast of Foundation

In the Foundation game, the players will assume the role of Ward, an agent sent to investigate civil unrest at the edge of the Galactic Empire, which has kept the peace across the galaxy for the past 12 thousand years. However, no peace lasts forever, and apathy and internal revolt are threatening to break the peace into pieces. As in most games, your mission will be to save humanity, but the Foundation game will put you in the role of a double agent, and you’ll have to decide who you’re fighting for; a dying Empire, or the Foundation, who seeks to bring the Empire down and rebuild it.

The most interesting part seems to be the gameplay itself. You’ll be given a choice to use subterfuge and diplomacy or threats and manipulation on your journey, and the game will provide you with the tools necessary to approach every imaginable situation. Additionally, you’ll be able to influence people’s emotions with the power of mental science, allowing you to gain an advantage in certain situations. But the most important thing seems to be the choice and consequence mechanic. It will give you the power to influence the world around you, so choose wisely.

Despite getting a VR video game for the recently released PSVR 2, which is incompatible with previous hardware versions, Foundation also received an Apple TV series, which is generally well received. Season 1 concluded in October 2021, with Season 2 premiere scheduled for mid-2023. As for the Foundation game, besides launching for PSVR 2, the game is also scheduled to launch on Quest and Pico 4 VR headsets.