See Fortnite Add The Best Star Wars Villain In New Crossover

Fortnite will not stop until it crosses over with all of pop culture and it is continuing its conquest of Star Wars with an iconic character.

By Jason Collins | Published


Fortnite, the King of Crossovers, strikes again, and this time Epic Games decided to add the best Star Wars villain in the new crossover. No, it’s not Darth Sidious; after adding another sci-fi icon to Fortnite some three months ago, Epic decided to bring another shi-fi character for the Upcoming Chapter 3 Season 3 — the villainous Darth Vader, best known for his finger-neck pinches — along with a brand-new battle pass, and familiar mechanics returning to the game.

darth vader

According to Polygon, the battle pass features tons of neat original designs, but its main “selling point” would be the addition of Darth Vader, one of the major villains in the Star Wars franchise, as the big final reward. Epic Games also announced the appearance of Indiana Jones cosmetic, perhaps as means of promoting the previously rumored films, which will be obtainable through quest completion within Fortnite. The collectible-focused cosmetic of this season is Snap, a skeleton outfit that you can mix and match as you find its limbs, bits, and pieces lying around the map.

Of course, Darth Vader’s presence in the upcoming season and the addition of new cosmetics won’t be the only novelty in Fortnite. As with previous Seasons, the Island is getting a remodel and a new forest biome called Reality Falls, filled with bouncy mushrooms, waterfalls, geysers (sounds like Sonic so far), loot-filled caverns, and purple trees. This new biome sprung forth from the Reality Tree, which blossomed, and brought an entirely new layer of flora to the Island.

This tree is also spreading Reality Seed Pods, which, when planted, grow into a Reality Sapling. This Sapling will grow at the exact same place players plant them at, match to match, and bear better loot each time players weed them — leading to Mythic-grade loot. Players that happen to pick up a new Reality Seed while already tending to a sapling can save them for later and plant them when their Sapling wilts away. This loot mechanism will have its own timer offering insight into when it’s time to weed the Sapling again.

It would seem that Fortnite is getting married — just like a traditional bride, it already has something new, which is the tree, something borrowed, which is Darth Vader, and something old — the Ballers. The ballers are back, allowing players to roll around, grapple onto various surfaces, and ride the all-new and perfectly safe (sarcasm) high-flying amusement park ride. Of course, Ballers feature some new updates since the last time they cycled the Island, including the boosted health, floating on water, and a new battery charge — when depleted, just hop into another Baller. Can you make them blue?

And the list of improvements and new content coming to Fortnite goes on, and players will be able to mount a wolf or a boar and ride it into battle; there are new weapons coming to the game, and a new affix-condition called Storm Sickness, which affects the players who stay too long in the Storm. The iconic sliding mechanics also saw some improvement, mostly when it comes to maintaining momentum. It would seem that the game’s transition to Unreal 5 is already showing effect.