Fortnite Getting A No Build Mode?

By Jason Collins | 16 seconds ago


Epic Games’ mega-hit battle royale shooter Fortnite isn’t the first game to feature crossover characters, but it sure is the largest in-game universe with over 80 skins crossing over from other games and media. However, one thing Fortnite did pioneer in the shooter genre, and what really separates it from the other battle royale-themed games, is its building mechanics. It encourages players to think more about their movement and tactics in-game instead of just running around and gunning down opponents. Well, the fresh news is that Fortnite might lose its legendary Build Mode.

According to Comic Book, a reliable Fortnite leaker, Hypex, revealed information that Epic Games is currently working on a “No Build” limited-time mode that could be introduced to the game in the near future. What would the mode really look like, provided that Epic Games is really working on it, remains to be seen, but it’s safe to assume that it would make things interesting, considering just how prominent the ability to build various structures during gameplay has been over Fornite‘s five years. That’s right, the world’s most famous battle royale is turning five on July 25, 2022.

The absence of “Build” mode would essentially make Fortnite more akin to other, more traditional battle royale shooters, even though the ability to build structures during combat really set Fortnite apart from other titles in the first place. It’s worth pointing out that, without Epic’s official confirmation, Hypex’s tweet is just another rumor, and it should be treated as such — taken with a grain of salt. And besides, if the mode really is in development and actually sees the light of day, there’s no telling for how long it would stick around. Limited-time modes are, by their very definition, brief and often serve as Epic Games’ means of testing the waters for potential long-lasting changes implemented into the game.

Still, some testbeds don’t make the cut and remain a fond memory for a couple of gamers. There’s also a possibility that the mode is currently in development, but Epic decides to shelf it for some reason — the world of gaming is filled with highly-sought-after reboots, sequels, prequels, and game modes that are completed, but never released, sitting on a dark shelf with the “canceled” label attached. Regardless, the “No Build” mode could offer a unique new twist on Fortnite, even for a short time.

The game isn’t short on changes, either. Just recently, Fortnite launched its Chapter 3 Season 1: Flipped, which also introduces two new mechanics — sliding and swinging — which make the gaming experience even faster, and more vertical. And for those that enjoy user-generated content, there’s now an option to earn Battle Pass XP in player-made experiences. Fortnite Chapter 3 is currently available on all major gaming platforms, save for the iOS version of the game. iOS version of the game was removed from Apple Store following Epic Games and Apple’s legal battles, in which Epic got the shorter end of the stick, and the game was also removed from Chinese digital storefronts.