Fortnite Built A Fan-Favorite Destiny Map In New Crossover

Fortnite will never run out of ideas for crossovers, and they have now arrived at Destiny for a fan-favorite map.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Fortnite’s crossovers and collaborations have gotten more elaborate over the years, featuring a plethora of characters from other universes, franchises, and even media. In more recent news, we saw Spider-Man and Goku from Dragon Ball Z, but the latest collaboration actually brings over one of the fan-favorite maps from Destiny. Of course, we’re talking about the Javelin-4 map from Destiny’s Crucible mode.

As reported by IGN, Fortnite entered into a collaboration with Bungie, and the game’s Javelin-4 maps were meticulously recreated within Fortnite’s Creative Toolset, using nothing else but the pre-existing items present in Epic Games’ battle royale. In fact, Bungie, who was recently acquired by Sony, had a direct hand in the map’s recreation, as the company provided the visual guidance, while the Team PWR reconstructed the map using the assets from Fortnite. And the results didn’t disappoint; the reconstructed virtual playground is almost identical to the real deal.

We say that because no new assets could be built for this project, and the creatives only had access to assets already present in Fortnite, which made the building project just a bit more difficult. The team had to use the pre-existing items that closely resembled those present within Destiny, so there are some visual changes to Javelin-4. And even though some details don’t exactly match, the overall appearance and feel the map instills were captured incredibly well, resulting in an incredibly faithful adaptation of the original map.

But that’s not all, and this only goes as far as to show that those behind Fortnite aren’t without ideas. Not only did the game add Destiny’s three iconic character classes, including the warlock, titan, and hunter, but it also carried over their familiar weapons and abilities. But Destiny didn’t make the jump alone — Fortnite crossed over to Destiny as well. Fortnite’s Black Knight, Drift, and Oblivion skins were repurposed in Destiny as new Guardians, while Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Ext Stranger jumped over the Destiny 2, making this cross-pollination notable for one reason — Fortnite done it too.

Fortnite almost never goes the other way, but this is interesting as it basically hand-holds Destiny on its journey of welcoming larger crossovers. This is a new frontier for Bungie’s now five-year-old title, which should rejuvenate it for a while to increase the player count. The details of the collaboration originally leaked a few days ago. Admittedly, it isn’t Destiny’s first crossover since it introduced the guns from the Halo franchise, but it’s the game’s first crossover of this magnitude, transferring maps, characters, armors, etc.

Destiny 2 is also scheduled to receive a DLC called Lightfall, which introduces a major step in the ongoing Destiny narrative, and picks up where The Which Queen content left off. The new expansion will follow the story of The Witness, a humanoid villain in command of an armada of Black Fleet ships. Lightfall is scheduled to drop in February next year, but those who are impatient about the upcoming future drop can quench their thirst by playing their favorite Destiny class in Fortnite.