Fortnite Joining Forces With Among Us, But There’s A Problem

By Dylan Balde | 1 month ago

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The Imagined Order is no longer the safest bastion on Fortnite. The million-dollar battle royale has recently swapped base construction for ten-player matches of social deduction in Fortnite Impostors, a spanking new game mode that attempts to replicate the neurotic communal conditions of Among Us in a world where anything goes.

Innersloth was not involved in the development and release of Fortnite Impostors, which was made without their consent. “We didn’t work with Epic on it,” a spokesperson tells IGN, “although we would have loved to collab, and found out about it the same time as everyone else. We’ve been working on some really cool collabs with other indie developers that we can hopefully share soon though.” Despite functioning as a separate IP, Among Us is itself based on an existing party game, so copyright was not breached and no such infringements persist in reality. Mafia is a public domain property.

Forget Batman and Stark Industries Jetpacks. The Fortnite take on Among Us is the crossover we’ve all been waiting for. Epic Games shared a teaser ahead of release:

Fortnite Impostors takes place on a control station dubbed the Bridge. Members of the Imagined Order are fighting to restore decorum after the game’s token villain, Agent Jones, defected and betrayed his superiors. Turns out he wasn’t acting alone and more Impostors percolate defenses by the minute. This is a welcome reprieve from the more impersonal nature of Among Us, which didn’t include a backstory. Players come in posing as an Agent. There are ten in all; one or two are undercover saboteurs. The game works with as little as four players; seven or less has one Impostor while eight or more has two.

The rest of the game’s mechanics operate like clockwork, satirizing Among Us down to the last feature. Agents are tasked with maintaining the Bridge: calibrate chests and llamas, repair systems, deliver Storm reports for analysis, and recondition the Battle Bus. Impostors can partake in the same assignments to fool other players, and may cause temporary shutdowns — effectively halting progress on existing tasks — teleport both Agents and Impostors to random spots on the Bridge to create confusion, and launch Peely Parties where players must determine who’s who while dressed as identical Peelys. (Peely is a Fortnite character in a banana costume, for anyone who isn’t aware.)

Just like in Among Us, the goal of the Impostors is simple: eliminate all Agents and avoid detection. Agents, on the other hand, can claim victory if they manage to complete all assignments before they could be voted out or killed. They also win if they manage to identify all Impostors. The game’s poseurs are allowed to execute Agents at their sole discretion; however, if they are caught red-handed, an Agent may Force a Discussion and call for that player’s removal. Participants may also call for a meeting if they suspect someone is an Impostor, with or without the existence of a dead body. But if the eliminated player is in fact an Agent, that’s one less asset for the competing party. A word of caution for Impostors freely participating in assignments: in Fortnite Impostors, bogus Agents cannot directly sabotage systems as is convention in Among Us. Affected players can only pause progress and every completed Assignment actually helps the other faction.

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To cultivate fair sportsmanship, Fortnite Impostors has disabled public voice chat; party chat by way of text messages and emotes is used to communicate with other players. Agents can choose between playing with strangers or launching a Private session to be able to play with friends. The Among Us game mode is already available on Fortnite.