Final Fantasy VII Adult Video Interrupts A Government Meeting In The Funniest Way

By Jason Collins | 4 months ago

final fantasy vii

Italian lawmakers hosted a Zoom meeting on Monday, January 17, to discuss data transparency in political decision-making, broadcast live on Facebook. However, both the lawmakers and those watching the live feed actually got more than they bargained for when someone started playing hentai (CGI adult video featuring anime characters) of Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart having intercourse with an unseen man. The video went live during the digital proceedings.

According to Kotaku, the Western civilization isn’t doomed; it’s already in ruins — considering that not even the country whose ancestors were the founders of Western civilization couldn’t keep their hands out of Far Eastern animated pornography. As per Kotaku’s report, everything was going well for the first 30 minutes of the live broadcast; however, things went sideways as the Zoom call introduced Giorgio Parisi, last year’s Nobel Prize winner in physics. And what ensued was the longest, most awkward 30 seconds in broadcast history for everyone present to experience. You can check out the video below, and there’s an uncensored version of the video somewhere in the thread.

The meeting, hosted by Five Star Movement Senator Maria Laura Mantovani, was apparently hijacked by someone sharing their screen while playing the Final Fantasy VII hentai, just when it came time to introduce Parisi. At first, Mantovani kept speaking, seemingly unaware of what was happening. However, it was brought to her attention seconds later when someone shouted “sex offender” in Italian, to which Mantovani sighed loudly. After that, she and her assistant tried to kill the feed, which only made the situation funnier for those watching the broadcast since they managed to kill the video but took more time to silence the audio.

The Zoom call eventually got back on track, and Parisi made his comments and acted as if nothing had happened. 2022 barely passed the 20-day mark, and we already have what appears to be the year’s weirdest moment or at least a strong competitor for the title. It’s worth mentioning that the Final Fantasy VII hentai was also broadcast live via Senato TV, and some reports blame hackers for the sabotage, though it’s still unclear what exactly happened and who’s to blame — hackers or Italy’s naughty politicians?

Of course, as expected, the incident has been edited out of the official VOD recording of the proceedings, but the actual footage of the hijacking found its way online. The creator of the Final Fantasy VII hentai, whose watermark is visible on the video, was massively congratulated on social media, though he only had one comment about the incident: “Well, someone f*cked up. lol”

It would seem that Final Fantasy, as a gaming franchise, is gaining renewed traction. The online game Final Fantasy XIV gained a massive influx of gamers, which caused Square Enix to pull the game from sale, and release it approximately one month later, but it would seem that the creators of Final Fantasy VII animated adult content are arguably making the largest contribution to the gaming series’ publicity.