See Dwayne Johnson In Grand Theft Auto

By Jason Collins | 4 weeks ago

Dwayne Johnson

In the absence of even the slightest hints from Rockstar Games regarding the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, a sequel in the globally popular GTA franchise, the fandom is left to its own devices to imagine, speculate, and discuss the possible shapes the sequel might take. A new piece of Grand Theft Auto fan art features Dwayne Johnson posing as a lead character.

While Rockstar Games is taking its sweet time with Grand Theft Auto, the fandom wastes none in producing tons of fan art – the most recent one, posted on the r/gaming Reddit page, features the prominent Hollywood figure Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Reddit user kry_some_more posted their idea of the upcoming GTA installment, transforming Dwayne Johnson into a suave businessman (likely of the illicit kind) set against the glistening backdrop of Los Santos. You can check out the user’s work below.

The art shows a Hollywood actor and one of the most influential internet celebrities, Dwayne Johnson posing as a Grand Theft Auto character, dressed as a sophisticated businessman leaning against a luxurious sports car. The inspiration possibly came from one of the stills from Johnson’s upcoming movie Red Notice, also starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, in which he leans against another luxurious automobile, though of a different manufacturer. Regardless, the artists mimicked the style and presentation used by Rockstar for GTA’s iconic leading screens, placing The Rock against the backdrop of a big city.

This is, in no way, indicative that Dwayne Johnson is collaborating with Rockstar on the new Grand Theft Auto game, nor that the game is even in production at the studio. It’s improbable, due to Johnson’s busy schedule, but not impossible – The Rock appeared in several WWE games during his wrestling career, and two other games, Spy Hunter and The Scorpion King, during his time as an actor. Admittedly, the fan art does the actor justice, and it would be fun to see him in the upcoming installment, at least as a cameo appearance.

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With that said, the art’s details conflict with previously leaked information about the Grand Theft Auto 6 video game, most notably, about its location. Previous leaks revealed the game as a potential sequel to 2002’s GTA: Vice City since the leaked map information revealed the expanded Vice City surrounded by Caribbean islands. This information was later referenced in another leak by a reliable Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, hinting that the game won’t be released before 2025. Could adding Dwayne Johnson, aka Franchise Viagra, boost Rockstar’s productivity and speed up the game’s release? Who knows, anything can happen.

Unfortunately, none of the information above was verified or confirmed by Rockstar Games, so we highly advise our readership to ingest the information with a generous amount of salt. With or without Dwayne Johnson, the next Grand Theft Auto game, if it’s even in development, will likely target the current-gen hardware, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. According to unverified rumors, Rockstar Games is allegedly waiting for more current-gen consoles to be sold, which would maximize the sales of the supposed Grand Theft Auto game. However, it might take some time, given the disruption in consoles’ supply chains which apparently affected every console manufacturer except Nintendo – which just revealed its new Nintendo Switch console.