Disney Dreamlight Valley Will Add The Best Villain In New Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley will bring in Scar in the newest update for the game.

By Jason Collins | Published

Disney’s new game that lets you create your own magical kingdom, Disney Dreamlight Valley, is getting its first major update next week, bringing tons of new content to the game and one of Disney’s favorite villains — Scar, the big naughty kitty from the Lion King franchise. The record-breaking game is a simulation and RPG-style title that, despite still being in early access, has recorded over a million downloads. Most importantly, it’s breaking all the current trends within the gaming industry by simply working as intended — for the most part.

Snarky comments aside, Lion King’s Scar was announced yesterday after a good amount of teasing from Disney. He’ll be a part of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s first major update scheduled for October 19. According to Kotaku, the update will be entirely free for all platforms, and it will also add a brand-new Star Path — a season pass equivalent — to the game. This also includes a vast number of awards and challenges for gamers. Unfortunately, other details about the update are scarce, but there’s a good amount of speculation about upcoming content.

disney dreamlight valley

Most of the previous content in Disney Dreamlight Valley was heavily Pixar-themed, but no one actually knows what the theme behind the upcoming content will be. Scar did appear in the game’s promotional material, and Gameloft, the game’s developer, and Ubisoft‘s younger and mobile-oriented cousin has previously confirmed Scar’s addition to the game. The current promo material also has WALL-E holding a pumpkin, and we all know how much Disney likes profiting from Halloween — the likeliest of themes for the upcoming update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fares pretty well among gamers who had been dropping Animal Crossing: New Horizons in favor of Disney’s new hit game, which launched its early access on September 6 for all major platforms. This includes both the current- and last-gen PlayStations and Xboxes, as well as PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch, with Gameloft planning to release a mobile version of the game — something that the company is actually known for — at a later date. If you’re wondering about the Steam Deck version, you can still play the Switch version of the game on Valve’s handheld.

Of course, since Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in early access, there are some bugs and quirks for Gameloft to fix, and many gamers are currently laying hopes that the new update will resolve most of the errors if not all. The major one among these was a glitch that resulted in players having to restart their progress. This had been a point of contention between gamers and Gameloft before, but the developer had reminded gamers that they paid for the early access to the game and that some bugs and errors were to be expected before the game’s official launch.

However, the developer of Disney Dreamlight Valley also acknowledged the community’s feedback and any concerns about the game through various social media, and it’s actually listening to the fandom to create the gaming experience the fandom wants, needs, and deserves. Take notes, Square Enix; this is how you take the money off the gamers’ hands. With everything said, the current inclusion of Scar and the future addition to Toy Story characters, as well as an increasing number of players, all paint one picture: the future of Disney Dreamlight Valley seems very bright.