Destiny 2 Wants To Let Guardians Fish And Cook

Bungie might be looking to expand Destiny 2 with new content, such as fishing and cooking capabilities.

By Jason Collins | Published

After they decided to kill a fan-favorite character and abandon some of the worst elements in Destiny 2, Bungie conducted a survey asking players whether they would be interested in more single-player content, like that seen in bigger MMO titles, such as World of Warcraft. This might include features such as fishing and cooking (you can cook what you fish) and space combat. All of this relates to the game’s major upcoming expansion, titled The Final Shape.

As reported by GameRant, aside from single-player content—not to be confused with single-player mode—Bungie has also asked whether players would like to see more cooperative gameplay, life skill systems, larger player count activities (such as raids), melee weapons, and offline progression system. The list doesn’t end there, but the few points we just listed are pretty interesting, as they might hint towards more single-player content in Destiny 2, as in content with which the players can interact alone and with friends.

It’s worth noting that Destiny 2 is actually playable as a single-player experience, but none of the game is actually designed for solo play. Destiny 2 is exclusively built as a multiplayer experience, so a mere mention of single-player content makes stuff more exciting—quite possibly suggesting content similar to Bungie’s Halo campaigns. Admittedly, adding more content aimed toward solo play is a great way to enhance the gameplay experience and attract even more players to the game. Many multiplayers actually attract gamers with their solo content.

For example, there are entire communities in World of Warcraft dedicated to earning profit through the game’s professional system. Gamers will engage in solo content like herbalism, fishing, skinning, cooking, and alchemy, to make potions and food (which grant buffs and health), which are then sold at the Auction House and bought by the raiding players. Others craft weapons and armor, some craft jewelry and enchantments, while others tailor.

It’s a pretty neat and lively system that helps maintain the server economy. So, adding something similar to Destiny 2 would be awesome.

Bungie’s survey is currently bubbling with player excitement and anticipation, as players believe that Bungie won’t actually limit themselves to a single addition to Destiny 2. However, most of the community agrees that some of these changes might be too extensive to be included at once—which is why developers usually deploy data segments through sequential updates. Some of the aforementioned content might actually make it to the current game, but some players have also suggested that Bungie’s gauging player interest for some of their future projects.

In the end, it’s way too early to really tell what’s going on. Bungie is hiring a developer for a competitive PVP game while also working on an entirely new intellectual property, so it’s entirely possible that the current survey is actually somehow associated with those projects, Destiny 2 or the combination of the two. Destiny 2, which is no longer deleting player’s characters, is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.