Dead Space 2 Will Be Free Under One Condition

Fans who pre-purchase the Dead Space remake will get a free copy of Dead Space 2.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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The upcoming Dead Space remake is admittedly delayed, but those interested in the game can get a freebie on Steam if they pre-order the game. Those who pre-purchase the new upcoming Dead Space remake on Steam will get a free copy of 2011’s Dead Space 2, which is currently selling for approximately $20.

According to Kotaku, Electronic Arts is throwing in a little extra for those that have pre-ordered the upcoming remake of Dead Space—buying the game on Steam will grant customers a free copy of Dead Space 2, a continuation of cold and dark alien space horror. The game is usually on sale for approximately $20, and its narrative takes place a few years following the events of the first game, with the protagonist now dealing with the fallout and the excessive trauma caused by the events of the first game. To be honest, even some gamers were traumatized by the first game.

Dead Space 2 is regarded as good of a game as the original title, if not better, so EA is issuing the game as a perfect antidote for those waiting on the remake, which is supposed to run on Steam Deck as well. Unfortunately for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players, the freebie is only oriented towards the PC market, and the free game wasn’t available on Sony’s gaming hardware at its initial release date. However, the remake is coming to PS5, bearing a $70 price tag. As for the Xbox, the game was accessible on Xbox 360, so it’s still accessible on Game Pass through backward compatibility.

In fact, Xbox Game Pass features all three games from the franchise’s original run, so you can easily access them. The remake, developed by Motive and published by Electronic Arts, is currently available on Steam for a pre-purchase price of about $60 for the standard version, and it grants players access to Dead Space 2 from the original run—pre-purchasing the game is all you need to do to gain access and stomp some Necros on some spaceship. Just be warned: abandon all sleep ye who enter.

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The upcoming Dead Space remake

Dead Space is a classic sci-fi horror game from 2008, whose narrative follows a crewmember investigating a mysterious spaceship called USG Ishimura, which has gone radio silent. The protagonist’s ship suffers damage and has to stay with the Ishimura until repairs are done, during which time the protagonist investigates the ship, only to find it overrun by Necromorphs. Of course, the protagonist is the sole survivor of the original game, which concludes with a cliffhanger, further explored in the free Dead Space 2.

The remake of Dead Space isn’t actually a remaster of the game but a full-blown remake—featuring an enhanced story, characters, and gameplay mechanics, as well as redesigned assets. As if the original game wasn’t scary enough. Regardless, the remake is one of the most-anticipated games due to release in recent times, and EA actually paid attention to what the fans of the original wanted to see improved, so we can expect the remake to be as good as the original—as long as we observe it as a new game.