The Craziest Driving Game Is Getting A Big Budget Reboot

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

driving game crazy taxi

Buckle up, folks. After years of patiently waiting, it has been revealed that Sega is finally working on a big-budget release of a massively huge fan-favorite driving game. What game is that? None other than the craziest of delivery services, Crazy Taxi! That’s right. Get ready to hopefully hear the soothing sounds of Wolfman Jack as you plow through city streets to drop off your passengers. An interesting thing of note is if this new reboot will have the same soundtrack level that the original game had. A ton of punk rock in the form of The Offspring and Bad Religion helped guide drivers to their locations.

crazy taxi

Crazy Taxi was released on the Sega Dreamcast console back in the year 2000. This was after a very successful run as an arcade game in 1999. It would go on to become the third highest-selling game on the Dreamcast console, with over one million units sold. After years and many more ports, along with a gaggle of failed sequels, it seems that fans will now be able to take on the crazy stunts as they rocket their passengers to their destinations. The point of the game was to see how quickly and crazily you can get your passengers around the respective city the game took place. Based on the time frame in which you delivered your passengers, along with the crazy tricks you performed, it would add more time to your overall clock. Adding more time meant you could then take on more passengers to see how much money you made. A hilarious grade would be given to you after each run. You can see some gameplay below:

People often argued that the game was a failed port and lacked depth, but honestly, that was only a select amount of people. Crazy Taxi was an amazing game. Everyone would spend literal hours attempting to beat their times repeatedly. Now that a big-budget release is on the horizon, and how games are with customization these days, this opens a whole new wealth of possibilities. Especially considering we were only able to select from a handful of drivers, that didn’t exactly have stats, we could be seeing a whole new level of crazy from this reboot. Give us different cabs, stats, and clothing.

This new Crazy Taxi game is also said to be a year into development, along with a Jet Set Radio reboot as well. Apparently, Sega has been hiding this news under a “Super Game” moniker. Only, the super game designation covers a bunch of AAA release plans. Not all news is good news though, as it has also been reported that these games are in their early infancy and could be canceled at any time. This is based on a disclaimer that has also been added to the announcement of these new titles.

The hope is that this Crazy Taxi game gets the go-ahead, and we are treated to easily one of the best driving games ever made. The original game was amazing, and clearly made a huge impact when it was released over 20 years ago. It’s time to get crazy on the streets again. Also, please bring back the great soundtrack.