Call Of Duty Fans Are Demanding A Crucial Feature From A Rival Game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II players want a dark mode implemented - like in Battlefield 2042 - to protect their real-world eyes from virtual flashbang grenades.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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The highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (MWII) released without any major hiccups, but a minor bug is affecting players so much that they’re asking Activision (ABK) to borrow a feature from the rival game—the infamously buggy Battlefield 2042. Apparently, the flashbang grenades in Call of Duty: MWII cause a flash on the screen so bright that it’s actually affecting players’ vision in real life, prompting many to ask ABK to implement different game settings.

According to GameRant, Call of Duty: MWII players are suffering from incredibly bright flashbangs, so they want to borrow a feature from Battlefield 2042. The aforementioned title allows gamers to change the concussion color effects in the game’s accessibility options to dark. In other words, when players toss a flashbang grenade and it explodes, instead of blinding white light that would fill the screen for a couple of seconds, the screen would go black.

Though factually inaccurate, this option is much easier on the gamers’ eyes and on their OLED displays, as it will minimize OLED deterioration.

Flashbang grenades are commonly used weaponry in many first-person shooter games, and Call of Duty: MWII is no exception. However, it would seem that Activision Blizzard took things a bit too far when it comes to brightness since the explosion causes very short-term vision impairment—which is not only bad for the gamers’ eyes but can also make or break your gaming session. This is especially true in competitive gaming sessions, where even the tiniest fractions of a second have decisive power over the outcome of the match.

Admittedly, a flashbang grenade won’t kill any player’s character, but it’s not designed to, anyway. It’s a tactical weapon meant to incapacitate a player for a time long enough to execute firearms or explosion kill. As such, they’re more akin to smoke grenades, which, admittedly, don’t cause the same blinding effects.

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The setting found in the infamous Battlefield 2042 is useful in resolving this issue and preserving OLED displays, which are known for their inherent susceptibility to burn in, and faster deterioration of blue organic LED components, causing a massive shift in color.

The dark mode is becoming a prominent setting in a variety of software applications, from various operating systems to third-party software, social apps, and even gaming. Besides being easy on the eyes and preserving your monitor functionality, enabling dark mode on screens, especially OLED displays, is associated with energy savings and, by extension, a marginally lower electrical bill. But that’s not the biggest of perks when it comes to flashing bright lights.

Implementing dark mode in games across the board will make the gaming titles more accessible to gamers with photosensitive epilepsy or other forms of sensitivity to bright light. Various accessibility options are on the rise within the gaming industry, with God of War Ragnarok seemingly at the forefront of such implementations, and it would be nice to witness more inclusivity in gaming. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.