Call Of Duty Players Furious About A Christmas Themed Opponent

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

call of duty

Activision decided to treat Call of Duty: Vanguard and CoD: Warzone players with some Christmas joy — a Christmas-themed opponent that terrorizes players that are less active than the other, including campers and players whose score is notably lower than the rest of the team. It’s a very interesting concept, one that flushes out less active gamers and makes others happy. Except that it doesn’t, because Krampus has no filter — to him, we’re all bad children.

According to Kotaku, gamers are less than pleased with Krampus’s appearance in the game due to his immense health pool and the ability to drastically affect the outcomes of online competitions. His latest appearance is the courtesy of the ongoing Festive Fervor event, in which the mythological creature hunts players and rips them to shreds. And to make things worse, he operates on entirely different levels, depending on the game. In the previously mentioned Vanguard, the sadistic goat-man version of Santa hunts down players with low objective scores, punishing them for not contributing to their team’s success. This isn’t so bad, right? It sounds like a good motivation that would coerce players into venturing out and reach/play the objective.

However, issues usually arise when someone interferes with Krampus’ hunt, usually in defense of their teammates or trying to kill Krampus-fighting opponents. However, when it comes to Warzone, things are a bit worse because Krampus apparently attacks random players, especially those on the verge of winning a battle. Sure, people can band together to try and kill him, but that has proven useless in countless situations. The monster has 365-hit-points, which is considerably more than a fully armored opponent, and some sort of health generation with unknown mechanics. So far, nobody knows whether he regains HP after downing a player or has some kind of health over time mechanics.

krampus call of duty

With everything said, players can actually kill Krampus, and according to gamers streaming over YouTube, the best place to do so is the beach. It has plenty of room to outrun Krampus and pour a rain of bullets onto him. His death doesn’t go unrewarded, though; he drops approximately 1,000 XP (experience points), some goodies in terms of weaponry, and $100,000 in Call of Duty game if you’re playing “Plunder mode.” So it does pay to kill him; you just require the right skills.

Krampus is a horned, human-like figure in central and Eastern Alpine folklore and mythology. Apparently, he’s Santa’s Little Helper since he accompanies Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus’ predecessor) on his journey to reward well-behaved children. However, unlike the modern Santa Claus, who leaves coal in misbehaving children’s stockings and presents, Saint Nicholas employed Krampus to punish bad children. There are some variations to the story; in some, Krampus puts naughty children in burlap sacks and beats them with a birch rod, while other versions dictate that it was him giving coal, carrots, and potato to bad children. Apparently, Activision decided on the former version, though no sack was provided. With everything said, Krampus is really powerful in both versions of Call of Duty, and gamers believe that the effort put into killing him doesn’t justify the rewards he drops. There are still no words on a potential nerf or a fix for Krampus’s overwhelming power.