See Cal Kestis Fight The Entire Empire In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gameplay First Look

By Jason Collins | Published

star wars jedi survivor

After being officially revealed to the fandom at the Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, the first gameplay trailer for the highly-anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — which officially changed the series’ name — was aired during The Game Awards. The trailer, as seen below, depicts Cal Kestis as a Jedi on the run and one facing the full might of an entire Empire.

The recently dropped gameplay trailer does a very good job of presenting what Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have been doing behind closed doors for so long. The footage shows some of Cal’s new abilities, including the news grappling hook for enhanced traversal methods, as well as new fighting stances, which incorporate the use of dual lightsabers for additional combat advantage. The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailer also features several established friends and foes, including Bode Acuna, Cere Junda, and several other key figures.

The gameplay trailers are a good indicator of the development process in its late stages and make the fans feel relieved that their favorite upcoming title hasn’t sunk into the quicksand of shifty development, especially today when so many companies are delaying or even outright canceling their previously announced titles. Besides all the shooting, slicing, dicing, and force-flinging, the new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailer also dropped another important news about the upcoming game — its release date. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will arrive on March 17, 2023.  

Admittedly, EA has previously announced that the game is on track regarding its development cycle and that no delays were previously in sight. Electronic Arts, who recently announced another The Sims project — hasn’t offered any official statements regarding a release date at the time of the announcement. However, the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release date was leaked on Steam just days before it was officially announced via the trailer, but the company has changed the release date to “coming soon” rather quickly.

star wars jedi survivor 2

Unfortunately, there’s still time for things to go south and for the game to be delayed, but we sincerely hope it won’t come to that. So far, the information regarding the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been limited, and what we know so far is that the game picks up five years after the original game, the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Kestis continues being on the run from the Empire while also feeling the weight of being among the last Jedi in the galaxy, so the times have become grim for the game’s protagonist.

Apart from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, that’s scheduled to release in some four months, the entire Star Wars gaming franchise is undergoing an expansion following the expiration of its exclusive contract with Electronic Arts. Knights of the Old Republic dubbed the best Star Wars game ever, is also getting a remake, which shortly suffered development issues, and we’re still waiting on any news regarding Star Wars Eclipse. The last we heard, the title had no playable build, indicating a rather rocky development, but that was over a year ago.