Battlefield 2042 Facing A Major Delay

By Jason Collins | 3 months ago

battlefield 2042

The people behind Battlefield 2042 just can’t catch a break, and news associated with the game just keeps getting worse. In the latest news, Electronic Arts and DICE announced that the allusive start of Season 1 had been pushed back so that the developers could resolve the current issues with the game — of which there are plenty. The beginning of Season 1 was initially planned to start in the early portion of 2022, but given the scope of current issues plaguing the game, Season 1 won’t begin until later this summer.

Unfortunately, this delay only goes to show that the highly-anticipated Battlefield 2042 shouldn’t have launched in late 2021 to begin with. As reported by Comic Book, both EA and DICE have heard fan complaints about Battlefield 2042 since the game’s launch and are actively looking into the game’s numerous problems and ways of fixing them. According to the publisher, the decision will, reportedly, give the developing team enough time to focus on improving the Battlefield 2042 experience while simultaneously finalizing the development of seasonal content, ensuring that the game reaches the highest levels of quality.

Wait, wasn’t the seasonal content already finalized, considering that its original launch date was just around the corner? Well, EA’s statement is answer enough, and their decision to push the launch of Season 1 is an admirable one. It’s enough that the gamers have to deal with Battlefield 2042 as a semi-playable game, but introducing a half-finished seasonal content would add insult to injury. And even EA, a company known for its unscrupulous monetization tactics, isn’t that greedy. Or maybe they are, but even they know that pushing their customers isn’t going to end well. Gamers are a tough audience to please, and even the die-hard fans of certain titles tend to be unforgiving towards the companies that ruin their favorite gaming titles. This doubles down when it comes to online multiplayers such as Battlefield 2042.

As we previously pointed out, EA and DICE’s new statement only goes to prove that the game shouldn’t have been released in November 2021. Even in its Early Access, Battlefield 2042 had issues that weren’t supposed to happen at that stage, like massive performance drops, gaming hardware crashes, a number of server connectivity-related issues, and UI problems. Not to mention the malfunctioning leaderboards and complete lack of in-game voice chat — unimaginable by today’s FPS gaming standards. However, it would seem that Battlefield 2042′s numerous problems are actually symptoms of a deeper problem. So deep that EA might be considering making Battlefield 2042 a free-to-play game.

It seems strange that Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, wasn’t aware of the game’s state during its release, considering that it was developed by the proprietary studio. Anything we could say about the matter would be pure unsubstantiated speculation. Still, it is concerning that a game that was clearly not finished was released into the market. Hopefully EA can get these issues sewn up and do a lot better next time.