Avengers Game Now Has A Catastrophic Bug

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

marvel's avengers game

The Avengers game had so much promise when it was first announced, but issue after issue has turned this would-be massive title into something rather disappointing. On top of the fact that the launch was messy in nature, the game also received plenty of complaints tied to end-game content and more. The newest issue is that of a catastrophic bug that is causing a crash for PS5 users. While this crash is severely hindering players from not being able to play the game, a workaround has been suggested. According to the developers, if players just reset their campaign, it fixes the issue. The problem with that is players will also lose all their progress as a result of “fixing” this bug. You can see the announcements below:

The fact that the developers of Marvel’s Avengers game are even suggesting that players reset their entire playthrough is ridiculous. All the hours spent on this rather lengthy campaign will be lost. Currently, that is their only way to help players solve this huge issue. The internet is understandably upset at this proposed “workaround.” This is troubling news for a game that has had issues since it launched in August of 2020. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix will have a lot of explaining to do soon if some sort of better option is not found, and quickly. Having to reset the entire progress on a save file is just the same as having to reinstall the game.

Marvel’s Avengers game could have had a ton of success, as it was released right after Avengers: Endgame had been released. Square Enix could have been one of the biggest games of 2020, but their issues have been piling on. This new bug is also right after the game developers had announced the release of updated version 2.3. The new update includes some quality-of-life improvements for the game. The war table was retooled which streamlined missions, level requirements are now shown for areas visited, and even Nick Fury returned to guide players along their way. However, this new update is now being overshadowed by this massive PS5 crash and subsequent idea to just reset the game. Players are noticeably angry about these issues, and it could lead to some severe action amongst the gaming community. While dedicated fans will almost always give developers the benefit of the doubt, having to reset your progress in a game is maddening.

The entire Marvel’s Avengers game team is working on a fix, though no solution has been found just yet. Gamers are certainly going to take umbrage with having to reset their game and go back to square one, so that is doubtful to happen. Whatever Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix do, they had better compensate players in some grand way to keep them from jumping ship to another title. The gaming community has become a place where most developers listen to their consumers and often do things that reflects that, but more and more games are being released with massive issues, and those issues continue through the game’s popularity cycles. Resetting your progress is not something that should ever be suggested by anyone.