See Arnold Schwarzenegger Weaponize Candy Canes For World Of Tanks

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich put candy canes to good use in the World of Tanks video game trailer.

By Jason Collins | Published

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich have teamed up for the marketing campaign with Wargaming’s World of Tanks, which just dropped a new video of the Hollywood heavyweights weaponizing candy canes. The new trailer features the Running Man and the Monster Killer Lady in World of Tanks’ annual festive cinematics that celebrates both the game and various cinematic action heroes.

The newly released World of Tanks annual festive video marks the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich appear together on-screen. They’re apparently tasked with saving the holidays and setting the scene for World of Tanks’ upcoming Holiday Ops 2023 in-game event. The event is scheduled to take place in the equally festive Holliday Village, with players overcoming various challenges in the search for cosmetics, camouflage, decals, emblems, and other collectibles for their armored vehicles.

Players will be able to join both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich in Holiday Ops from December 13 to January 2, and World of Tanks has confirmed that both stars will reside in the players’ garage during the course of the event. They will be available for fans to interact with and collect various challenges and rewards. Additionally, the actors will also serve as tank commanders during the event.

The aforementioned rewards of the upcoming World of Tanks events will resemble those we’ve seen during the last year’s event. Players will use Shards to unlock festive and cosmetic rewards and increase their Festive Atmosphere level with various decorations, including Arnold Schwarzenegger- and Milla Jovovich-themed rewards. This isn’t the first time the Austrian Oak paired up with World of Tanks; 2021’s Holiday Ops event was very fruitful, and Wargaming is looking to replicate previous success.

Much like with the previous event, there aren’t any details about what exactly the upcoming quests and challenges players might expect, so treat them as a Christmas morning surprise found under the tree. As for the event itself, it’s scheduled for World of Tanks PC, World of Tanks Blitz, and World of Tanks Modern Armor game releases, starting December 13. The franchise has upped the ante this year with the addition of Milla Jovovich. Besides acting in World of Tanks ads, The Fifth Element star has returned to the sci-fi genre with the movie Breathe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger World of Tanks
Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element

Her films are often found in the top 10 most-watched lists on various streaming services, and her newest release branded her as a force to be reckoned with in the cinematic sphere. Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, has a lot on his plate at the moment. When he’s not acting in World of Tanks ads, he’s quoted by world leaders, trash-talks the bodybuilding scene, and there are talks about him joining the MCU as a villainous figure. This is hardly surprising, considering that he hasn’t retired from his acting career yet.

The World of Tanks holiday events begin on December 13 and run through January 2, 2023. Each game’s version has its own set of dates and holiday offerings, custom fit for that platform’s gameplay centered around Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich.