Blame Your Friends And Stalk Your Prey in 3D In Terrifying Among Us VR Trailer

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

Among US VR

Among Us, a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game, is one of the most popular games in the world — so much that it was actually streamed by politicians and television talk show hosts. Admittedly, the game wasn’t as popular when it was released; instead, it gained a massive following in 2020 in the pandemic-induced gaming hype that floated a lot of games to the top. Thankfully, its popularity warranted yet another release — Among Us VR — a virtual reality version of the game. You can see the game’s trailer below:

According to GameRant, the recently released trailer for the Among Us VR showcased what the upcoming title’s gameplay would look like. It basically follows the original game’s formula, though there are quite a few technical differences due to the fact that the game is being released as a unique VR experience. For those that aren’t acquainted with the title, the original game was released on PC and modern consoles as a third-person 2D game, while the VR version releases as a first-person 3D game.

Despite the difference in perspective and added depth, the Among Us VR will retain all the original game’s core mechanics. The initial segment of the announcement trailer showcases the very first map of the original Among Us, called The Skeld, which is completely redesigned as a 3D experience. The Crewmates in the trailer are gathered around an Emergency Meeting button in the Cafeteria section of the map, pointing fingers at each other — basically accusing one another of being an Imposter.

Among Us VR trailer also showcased several other rooms with Crewmates passing through each one while also maintaining distance from one another, in case those around them turn out to be Impostors. The trailer also showcases other areas of the game before showing a Blue player hitting the Emergency Meeting button, after which the screen goes black. Finally, an Among Us VR animation pops up stating that the game can be “wishlisted” on the Meta Store — Facebook’s new digital store.

Apart from an entirely redesigned gaming experience, Among Us VR will feature smaller teams, allowing between 4 and 10 players to participate in a session. This is a small step up from the original game that allowed up to 15 players per match, but let’s not neglect that we’re getting a 3D Among Us experience and that redesigning the game had to impose some limitations. Innersloth hasn’t revealed an official release date but has stated that the game should release sometime during Holiday 2022 season.

The impatient fandom will have to settle with the current versions of the game, which are available for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch, while waiting for the new Among Us VR gaming experience. Luckily, the original game supports cross-platform play, and still receives plenty of content that keeps the fandom engaged. The most recent additions were results of collaboration with Scream, Halo, Ratchet and Clank franchises, bringing additional skins of Ghostface, Master Chief, Ratchet, Clank, and the Guilty Sparks pets.