See The Odd Among Us Crossover That Might Give You Nightmares

By James Brizuela | 4 weeks ago

Among Us

In case you didn’t know, there is a PUBG sequel. Yeah, kind of odd that it has flown under the radar for so long. More so because this sequel exists only on mobile formats. The “sequel” to PUBG is known as New State Mobile. This futuristic battle royale came on in November of last year and is playable on Android and iOS devices. It is the successor to PUBG: Battlegrounds and a sort of counterpart to the PUBG mobile game. Now that that’s out of the way, hats off to New State Mobile because they received a crossover with the ever-popular Among Us. This new crossover is part of a limited-time event. However, this crossover is certainly nightmare fuel. See the odd ways in which you can dress SUS in the trailer below:

The trailer opens with an animated video of the astronauts from Among Us crash landing their way onto the planet in New State Mobile, which is called the island of Troi. The first image seems to be a weapon that is made from half the body of a murdered astronaut. Kind of creepy. Not sure anyone wants to hold a melee weapon where you’re holding on to the spine of a murdered being. Scratch that, EVERYONE will want to have this new melee weapon. On top of the melee weapon, there will be Among Us crates that can be achieved by finishing games, and these crates will carry with them some new Among Us featured threads. Think of those little astronauts but stretched into the size of a full human. That is what the outfits sort of look like. That is not to mention the horrific gun that can be achieved as well. You can see this nightmare below:

We are not entirely sure what is going on with this gun, but the whole spine showing motif is alive and well in this monstrosity. Also, the fact that the Among Us astronauts are being impaled on the barrel of the gun is just frightening. We get what they were trying to achieve, but the design department could have done a better job at bringing these two unlikely games together. New State Mobile reportedly surpassed 45 million downloads a month after it launched, so maybe this crossover is not as unlikely as we think it is. If you happen to be one of the fans of PUBG, you’ll likely love New State Mobile. Also, if you happen to want to dress as a human in Among Us gear, you should download this game.

The Among Us X New State Mobile limited-time event runs from April 21 to May 19. Players who join in the event can get their hands on the horrific gun, customized outfits, icons, profile frames, and titles. The M16 rifle also hosts an animation of the astronauts running across the barrel. There are different shooting animations, and even the famed Among Us tongue kill. If you want to see your gun assassinate someone with a tongue, be our guest. This is all just scary. Players can achieve these by unlocking the Among Us loot boxes after games are completed and experience is gained. There is a reported .030% chance of the Among Us gun dropping in a crate, so hold outa small sliver of hope. New State Mobile is free to download on Android and iOS phones.