A New Crash Bandicoot Game On The Way?

A new Crash Bandicoot game has been teased for reveal at the Game Awards in December.

By Jason Collins | Published

A new Crash Bandicoot game has been teased, and it could be announced very soon at the upcoming The Game Awards. The teaser comes neatly tucked away in promotional material for the upcoming Steam release of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time — a good one, ABK — that was sent to the various influencers in the gaming community. The material in question is actually a pizza box with highlighted Crash Bandicoot 4 release date, with a small teaser detail written on the side of the box. It’s quite possible that the game will also make its way to Steam Deck.

According to IGN, the pizza box invites players to try out the new Wumpa Pizza that’s available for only $12.08 — a price tag that just happens to be the same date as 2022’s The Games Awards event. The annual ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry — one of which is the super popular Elden Ring — is the gaming world’s Academy Awards, scheduled to take place on December 8. Many fans now speculate that the message on the box hints at a possible announcement for a new Crash Bandicoot game.

crash bandicoot

Fans of one of the best-known gaming franchises have been speculating a new Crash Bandicoot game for quite some time; the purported title is referred to as Wumpa League among the online community. The new pizza box message, along with other teases made by the game’s developer, Toys for Bob, is now lending credibility to the rumors. The very same developer is credited with the revival of the Crash Bandicoot franchise, which now made its way to PC, thanks to Sony’s push into the third-party platform market.

Toys for Bob is also rumored to be lending a helping hand to Activision on their upcoming Call of Duty game, though we’re not sure whether the rumors refer to the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 or the upcoming 2023 game. However, the studio has also developed a continuation of the Crash Bandicoot franchise, taking the helm from Naughty Dog. It’s worth mentioning that Crash Bandicoot was originally Sony Interactive Entertainment’s game developed by Naughty Dog, the same studio credited with The Last of Us games.

Crash Bandicoot was originally a Sony exclusive, which became a staple of gaming, especially after it transitioned to other platforms. Unfortunately, it lost some relevancy during the PS3/Xbox 360 era — as many reemerging titles have — and while it still existed, its role in gaming was relatively a minor one. However, thanks to Toys for Bob and Activision, the Crash Bandicoot franchise made a comeback through a remastered trilogy on a now-discontinued Xbox One and PS4.

ABK is still to finalize its acquisition deal with Microsoft, despite the insider trading scandal, but it’s nice to see the company pushing out more and more gaming titles. It most recently launched Overwatch 2, which suffered hacker attacks, and it’s currently setting the stage for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, that’s set to go live on November 28 this year. We’d like to point out that the current expansion, Shadowlands, was a little late, so the same can be expected of Dragonflight.