See Zoe Kravitz Pose In The Traditional Catwoman Mask For A Sexy Photoshoot

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

zoe kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is Selina Kyle in The Batman. The new DC movie was released in movie theaters this weekend, and while her character is never called Catwoman, the audience recognizes her as such. She has pet cats, claiming that she has a thing for strays, and she has all the fluid movement audiences know Catwoman for. While Kravitz wears a mask for the role, it’s more of a knitted ski mask with spaces cut out so she can see. In a fun new photoshoot, the actress wore the more traditional Catwoman mask.

Below, you can see the new photos shared by Zoe Kravitz. Clicking the arrow on the right reveals many pics from the shoot.

The photos Zoe Kravitz shared reveal her exploring a different side of the character than fans saw in The Batman this weekend. In the movie, the actress didn’t get the chance to wear the more sophisticated Catwoman mask. You can see the mask she wore for The Batman below.

zoe kravitz batman catwoman

The mask is homemade-looking, which is fitting for Selina Kyle at this point in her life. When Robert Pattinson’s Batman meets her in the new movie, Zoe Kravitz is still at the beginning of her journey at Catwoman. While she has the slick moves and the motorcycle, she’s not yet taken on the title. It makes sense that she’d not yet have the full costume down. Previously, Halle Berry played Catwoman, with a much more catlike mask. You can compare the two using the photo of Halle Berry below.

halle berry

While Selina Kyle may not have yet taken on the Catwoman moniker in The Batman, she was immediately recognizable as the antihero. Part of that may be due to the special training Zoe Kravitz claimed she went through for the part. Speaking to Empire, the actress revealed that she watched videos of big cats and lions to see how they fought. Studying the movements of the animals helped her coordinate her own movements in the role. She explained that during her fight scenes with Batman, she questioned how someone so much smaller than him stood a chance. In the end, she revealed that she decided Catwoman stood a chance because she was “fast and tricky”.

As bizarre as that training may sound, it paid off. Zoe Kravitz swung out of a building, fought with Batman, and moved through underground clubs with a distinctly feline grace that helped embody her character for the film. It’ll be interesting to see how her character changes if the sequels happen. Will Zoe Kravitz don the more traditional Catwoman mask in The Batman 2? Will she be watching more cat videos to further develop her fighting style? Could the sequel see Catwoman with a wide reputation in Gotham City similar to the one Batman held? The movie left off with Selina Kyle seemingly on a mission of personal growth. It’s going to be exciting to see how her story develops as she moves forward.