Zoe Kravitz Is A Tech Worker Caught In A Siri-Based Murder Conspiracy In KIMI Trailer

By Carolyn Jenkins | 2 weeks ago

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Fascination with tech and modern advances has been examined more and more in creative media. Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is no stranger to examining these modern conveniences and throwing up a mirror to it. Prepare to be terrified of your own home assistant after watching the trailer for Zoe Kravitz’s new film KIMI.

See the trailer below.

A clear allusion to the Alexa and Siri devotees of the modern world, KIMI shows a world where Angela Childs (Zoe Kravitz) not only has a home assistant but also works as a voice stream interpreter. While working on the stream she hears of what she believes to be evidence of a pre-meditated murder. If you thought that her employers would accept this information and bring it to the authorities, you would be wrong. In the trailer for KIMI, Angela finds that upon reporting the incident, she has become embroiled in a vast conspiracy.

Zoe Kravitz’s character tries to do the right thing but of course is met with nothing but resistance. KIMI is reminiscent of many thrillers of the golden age of film. Most recognizably, the film seems to have elements of Rear Window, though Soderbergh himself has already admitted to these influences (via Slash Film).  Rear Window is the pinnacle of thrillers, directed by the incomparable Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock wove a tale of a man L.B. Jeffries (Jimmy Stewart) confined to a wheelchair and seeing a crime in the house across the street.

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This is also to be echoed in an upcoming television series for Netflix. Kristen Bell will be starring in the wordy titled show The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. From the title alone, it appears that the series is a play on this trope exactly. At least in KIMI, Zoe Kravitz appears to be leaving her home. Though Angela is agoraphobic and spends most of her time at home, KIMI portrays a main character who is in action. She goes to her employers to report the crime but they are hesitant to believe her. The film becomes a chase to reveal the truth of what she has stumbled into.

The trailer for KIMI seems a relatively tame telling of the familiar trope, but as Slash Film has commented, it is only a two-minute clip. There can be many twists and turns that the trailer does not reveal. Knowing Soderbergh, things may not appear as they seem. Though the director has been responsible for crowd pleasers such as the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, he has also delved into more complicated territory. He directed the prophetic pandemic film Contagion in 2011 as well as the disconcerting thriller Unsane, starring Claire Foy. There is no telling how Zoe Kravitz will be used in this new film.

KIMI is not the only detective-related feature she will be appearing in. Audiences are gearing up for her appearance as Selina Kyle in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Having been delayed several times due to the pandemic, The Batman is finally slated to arrive in March. Zoe Kravitz appears to be a noir inspired version of Catwoman alongside Robert Pattinson’s gritty and damaged detective. The film will have The Riddler appear as a Zodiac inspired serial killer, sure to terrify as well as captivate audiences (via Collider). Viewers can catch KIMI before the Dark Knight returns when it becomes available to stream on HBO Max February 10th.