Zazie Beetz To Star In New HBO Max Mystery Series

Zazie Beetz is taking her talents to HBO and will be teaming up with an acclaimed director for a brand new series.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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While we wait to find out if Zazie Beetz is going to actually enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or reenter DC for that matter) in any way over the next few years, the actress is still busy taking larger roles in what could be critically acclaimed productions. The talent has moved from the small screen to the big screen, and now she’ll be heading back to the former to work with one of the most talented names there is behind the camera. Variety has it that Zazie Beetz is set to star in Full Circle from Steven Soderbergh and that this could be another chance for her to shine. 

According to the early loglines from Variety, Full Circle will follow an investigation into a kidnapping gone wrong and how it pulls together and intersects with a number of different characters in New York City. There isn’t an indication of who Zazie Beetz will play in the show as of right now. But considering her talent and Soderbergh’s track record with these kinds of productions, chances are high that we have something pretty cool on our hands here. This is part of a multi-project deal that the director signed with HBO which has him bringing a number of limited series to the channel and the streaming platform HBO Max.

As for Zazie Beetz, the actress has been a rising star for the last few years now, having already had a hand in movies from both Marvel and DC though neither in the actual larger universe of films (yet). For starters, we are waiting to hear if she will make her way over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Deadpool 3 eventually rolls out. She played Domino in Deadpool 2 and was excellent as the character who can generate luck for her and those around her. Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive that she would be entering the MCU as the character, but that has yet to be officially confirmed through the studio.

And Zazie Beetz was also working in the DC realm when she had a role in Joker back in 2019. As the love interest of Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, she played a pivotal role in the character’s descent into madness. While we know that she was something of a figment for Fleck, she’s already set to be part of the coming sequel, a planned musical titled Joker: Folie a Deux. Lady Gaga has also been cast in the movie as this universe’s version of Harley Quinn. The movie will look to capitalize on the crazy popularity and success of the first installment.

In all, this is an exciting time for Zazie Beetz who is part of a number of higher profile productions with more possibly on the way. It makes sense considering her charisma and talent are top notch and she’s already shown the ability to play a wide variety of roles on the big and small screen just over the last few years. We should have more news on Full Circle soon which has already started to enter production for HBO.