Zack Snyder Is Returning To DC

Many have been wondering if Zack Snyder would ever return to DC after releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League, well now it has been confirmed that he is returning.

By James Brizuela | Published

Zack Snyder

Many have been wondering if Zack Snyder would return to DC after he had released the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Well, the director is returning to DC. However, it might not be in the way that fans and Snyder critics are thinking. The man is returning to the comic book media company as himself. Yes, you read that right. Snyder will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Teen Titans Go!, but portraying himself in animated form. Now that all you critics have all breathed a sigh of relief, you can continue to read this story.

Teen Titans Go! is certainly an animated show that has no problem being meta, and what better way than to bring in a controversial director for DC. We are not sure in what capacity the man is going to be returning for in the show but expect there to be a lot of jokes thrown out at his expense, and possibly the expense of Justice League. We are expecting some Cyborg jokes, especially considering the character appears in Teen Titans Go!, and in Justice League. The title of the episode is “365!” and the Titans head to Warner Bros. to find a director to make the episode special. They clearly must look no further than Snyder. See what we mean about the show being meta?

This new episode of Teen Titans Go! was announced at San Diego Comic-Con, though it has not been established yet when it would be airing. Zack Snyder is clearly a good sport, as it is almost certain that he is going to be made fun of a lot in this episode. Although this is some good news for those who are fans of Snyder, there was also some bad news given at San Diego Comic-Con about the future of the SnyderVerse. Jim Lee, CCO (chief creative officer) of DC also had a Q&A, where he explained that DC would be moving on from the material that Snyder has built through the DCEU in these last several years.

Zack Snyder is also moving on, as the man is currently filming his failed Star Wars film, Rebel Moon for Netflix. The new space epic boasts a great cast that includes Anthony Hopkins, Charlie Hunnam, Jena Malone, Djimon Hounsou, and many more. That is not the only Netflix he is handling, as he is also working on the spin off series and a sequel to his hit zombie film, Army of the Dead. The man is plenty busy, and he is likely not want to return to DC to direct after completing his work with the Snyder Cut.

For those who have appreciated Zack Snyder for everything that he has done for DC, then you can watch him on Teen Titans Go! when the episode “365!” is released. All we do know is that the new season will be airing this fall, though the exact date of the Snyder appearance has not yet been revealed. Everyone is going to have to patiently wait to see what kind of jokes the Titans say in regard to Snyder’s DC career.