Zack Snyder To Reboot Ghost Rider

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

zack snyder

Zack Snyder may be firmly entrenched in the comic book movie universe now with his latest film in that world ringing in as a success, as surprising as this is considering the machinations it took to get there. But with Zack Snyder’s Justice League righting many of the wrongs with the original, it’s no surprise certain studio folks would want him to stick in this genre moving into the future. But it could mean moving away from DC and into Marvel with a reboot of another character. Geekosity is reporting that Snyder is being considered to helm an upcoming Ghost Rider film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The Geekosity rumor is clear to say that Zack Snyder only had his name brought up in discussions around this future film and that he hadn’t been given any formal offer. But it would make sense to want to add a director like this for a film that could, for sure, trend on the darker side. While previous iterations of Ghost Rider had opted for a little bit more of a joke-y nature, Snyder’s particular brand of filmmaking could likely take the character in a new direction, one more in line with what we’ve already seen from the comic book pages. 

Brining Zack Snyder into the fold for Ghost Rider isn’t an imminent move and it looks like the folks at Marvel might even be debating how to best integrate the character into the current world. This rumor also had it that they would be waiting to see how the upcoming Blade reboot, with Mahershala Ali in the lead role, performed seeing as how these characters would likely exist in the same world and timeline.

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And bringing on Zack Snyder to a Ghost Rider film would almost assuredly spell a more horror vibe than before. Coupling the film with Blade gives that sense right from the outset considering the vampire hunter operates in the shadows and that flick is likely to follow a dark path in the next iteration. Plus, Snyder has some work in this vein throughout his career even if they aren’t the films that necessarily come readily to mind. He helmed 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake which was a critical success at 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and also turned in $120 million at the box office on a $26 million budget. 

Along those same lines, Zack Snyder has already completed the follow-up film in that rebooted franchise with Army of the Dead planning to hit Netflix in May of this year. That is labeled a zombie heist film with a group of folks planning a casino robbery in the middle of an outbreak of the undead. If anything, this kind of film could showcase a slightly different kind of tone for the director which would align with a possible Ghost Rider film. 

The previous big-screen version of Johnny Blaze/ Ghost Rider saw Nic Cage in the lead role for two movies. Those films more than missed the mark with the overall tone of the film, focusing more on just having Cage in the lead than the actual overall feel for the character. Zack Snyder would be in place to correct that vision. Time will tell with what happens with Snyder joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he would be a welcome addition for this character.