Zack Snyder Is Done Making Justice League Movies

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

batman v superman zack snyder

Zack Snyder is on the cusp of releasing one of the most anticipated screen events we’ve had in some time. It’s a movie years (and years) in the making, set to rewrite some sins of the DC Extended Universe past. We are finally going to get our eyes on the extended director’s cut of his Justice League film, something fans have been chomping at the bit for basically ever since the original hit screens with a major thud. But even before we are treated to the Zack Snyder version we should know it’s probably going to be the last time the director works in the DC Universe. The latest news has it that this Justice League version will be the end of the line for Zack Snyder in the franchise. 

In an interview with Comic Book Debate, Snyder discussed his future with WarnerBros specifically related to Justice League, its characters, and the DC Extended Universe as a whole. It’s a wide-ranging sit-down, but Snyder does focus on a few key points. Namely, that he has no immediate plans to continue on with future movies at this point. He’s careful to not totally rule it out altogether (why would he?) but does discuss how the vision he set out to accomplish with this Justice League version is in line with his ultimate goals. You can watch the full interview below: 

Again, Zack Snyder doesn’t say he’s done with Justice League or its characters until the end of time. But fans expecting a quick follow-up to this year’s movie series should probably pump the brakes more than a little bit. After we get the director’s cut, there isn’t anything close to being in the pipeline. 

That being said, this is putting the cart before the superhero horse just a little bit. After all, we haven’t even gotten eyes on the Zack Snyder cut, aptly now named Justice League: Director’s Cut. It’s set to hit HBO Max sometime in March of this year and will be nothing short of appointment streaming television. As of now, it’s slated to come out in four separate episodes over the course of a month that will eventually be combined into one massive movie. It’s an ambitious venture, one fans of the franchise have been waiting for with bated breath. 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will attempt to make moderate amends to the Joss Whedon version which came out back in 2017. That film was an abject disaster, finishing at 40% on the Tomatometer (which honestly feels way high) and making a mess of a bunch of different storylines. Whedon took over for Snyder midway through production after the sudden and tragic death of the latter’s daughter. The final version of the film apparently diverged greatly from Snyder’s vision which is what set the director on the path to recreating the film along its originally intended path. 

The director’s cut of Justice League will feature all of the original characters, but is adding on additional faces as well as a new antagonist. In the end, it’s likely to bear little resemblance to the “original”. And fans should soak it up, because of these recent comments by Zack Snyder hold any weight, we won’t be getting more of his talent in the DC Extended Universe anytime soon.