Zack Snyder’s Next Netflix Movie Has An Awesome Update

By Faith McKay | 5 seconds ago

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The next Zack Snyder movie to hit Netflix will be the Army of the Dead prequel film, Army of Thieves. Those who didn’t see Army of the Dead, or who didn’t like it, may still be interested in Army of Thieves, since this new film is actually leaving the zombie genre behind. The new prequel is set up to tell an exciting story about safe cracking in Europe, without any sign of the horror genre around. It looks quirky and fun. Despite the lack of spooky, scary, or gory tone to the upcoming release, it’s been given a date just before Halloween. You’ll be able to catch Army of Thieves on its global Netflix release date of October 29, 2021.

The original Zack Snyder film was Army of the Dead. Snyder wrote and directed that project himself. It starred Dave Bautista and a show-stealing zombie tiger. The story was about zombies, but it was also a heist movie. The idea was that a group needed to get a big heist in Las Vegas and instead of fighting security cameras, they’d be fighting their way through a city crowded with zombies. One essential element was still the need to get into a safe. Enter Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig Dieter. A more minor character in the first film, we’ll now see more of what he was up to in Europe when the zombie virus was first spreading in the USA.

Because the Zack Snyder prequel uses a minor character and takes place on another continent, the prequel will be introducing many new faces. One of the other main characters the trailer centers on is played by Nathalie Emmanuel, who many may know from Game of Thrones. In Army of Thieves, she plays Gwendoline, a big boss who ropes Matthias Schweighöfer’s character into all the fun and trouble of safe-cracking for a big heist just as the zombie virus is spreading in other parts of the world. Matthias Schweighöfer is actually the director for the new film, co-written by Zack Snyder and Shay Hatten.

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The concept behind the prequel has thrown a lot of people off on this one. It’s unusual to see a prequel story that shifts away from some fo the main genre focus of the first. Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead was a heist movie, but a main part of the appeal that drew people in was that it was a heist movie with zombies. This is a thing Snyder does. His recent fun concepts are ones that combine two genres that don’t normally go together. For example, he’s working on his own King Arthur story, one that takes place in the American West. A western King Arthur adaptation is unusual, but that’s something that gets audiences curious.

For the prequel, we’re seeing them take one of the most popular characters from the original Zack Snyder movie and then making a more straightforward heist story. It’s surprising, and maybe that’s what Snyder likes best: to make people a little curious. Currently, the filmmaker has a first-look deal with Netflix through his production company for the next couple of years. He said he aims to bring “as much quality content as I can and do it on a giant scale.” Currently, he’s working on more Army of the Dead projects and a sci-fi that started as a Star Wars idea.