Zachary Levi Gives Surprising Update On Fan-Favorite Series Reboot

By Carolyn Jenkins | 4 months ago

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Zachary Levi has come a long way in the trajectory of his career. He played one of Thor’s cohorts known as the Warriors Three and more recently is known for his role in Shazam. Many fans know him as these comic book intellectual comic book characters and are looking forward to Levi’s reprisal in Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods. But the actor has another claim to fame. From 2007 to 2012, Levi played the titular character in Josh Schwartz’s television series Chuck (via Entertainment Weekly). During a recent interview, Levi addressed whether a Chuck reboot was a possibility, and the answer was surprising.

Though the show ran for a decent length of five seasons and maintained cult success, there were always plans to do more. Zachary Levi was passionate about the project and hoped that sometime in the future that there would be a follow-up movie. In a recent episode of the Inside of You podcast, Levi went on the record and gave hope to fans of the show. He stated that Chuck always had the potential for something greater. While they were making mini action movies each week, the actor had hopes that with a larger budget and more time, a movie would make Chuck even greater.

“I’ve been literally trying to do this since 2012. And dude, I feel like the time is nigh. Yeah, I’ve had some very good, promising conversations with the creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak,” Zachary Levi stated (via Movie Web). The most recent update to this was the Chuck reunion that took place over Zoom. Reunions were popular at the height of the pandemic. Comedies such as Parks and Rec and Happy Endings had their own Zoom reunions. In August of 2020, Chuck reunited its actors to do a table read of season 3, episode 9, Chuck vs. the Beard. The episode was chosen after Levi asked fans what episode they would like for the cast to revisit (via Entertainment Weekly). The episode was notable for being the first that Levi directed and is also the episode where Chuck reveals to his best friend Morgan that he is a spy. 

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The series ran at the same time as Schwartz’s other series Gossip Girl, though with slightly less fanfare (via Deadline). Chuck capitalized on the burgeoning nerd culture with the comedy series. Zachary Levi portrayed Chuck, a twenty-something who spent his days working at a store akin to Best Buy. Most of his family thinks that he is wasting his potential by fixing computers for minimum wage. But fate intervenes when Chuck gets involved in a government conspiracy.  After getting hold of a top-secret file, he downloads government secrets known as the Intersect. While he still retains all his personality traits, Chuck also now has the skills of a spy. The show melded the action of a spy drama with the humor that Levi brought as Chuck.

With reboot culture and sequels being at their most popular, there is certainly a market for Chuck to have a movie. Zachary Levi seems to be its most fervent supporter, though there would be no Chuck without creator Josh Schwartz. Schwartz remains busy with his multitude of properties including executive producing The CW dramas Nancy Drew and Dynasty (via Deadline). Though there is nothing concrete happening for the Chuck reboot now, fans can revisit the original series on Amazon Prime. Viewers will have to hurry as Chuck will be leaving the streaming platform in February.