YouTube Santa Has Surprise Encounter With Killer

YouTuber Anthony Panza got more than he bargained for when he interviewed a convicted killer named Alexander Rivera.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

anthony panza

Professional BMX biker and social media personality Anthony Panza got a big surprise during his ride as Santa Claus through the streets of Manhattan in a recent video. Paired up with the Grinch, he was bringing Christmas cheer around the city when he stopped to interview someone for the holiday. His interview subject turned out to be none other than convicted murderer Alexander Rivera, who stated, “I’m Alexander Rivera, in ’96, a guy touched my daughter in 819…I beat him up, he had an aneurysm, I stomped him out, he died, and I chopped his body up through the incinerator.”

For his Christmas ride as Santa, Anthony Panza and his wingman, dressed as the Grinch, rode around together on a tandem bike bringing holiday tidings to the citizens of New York. They stopped to take a picture with a pedestrian, who was more than happy to tell them his story. His name is Alexander Rivera, and he had quite a shocking story to tell.

Alexander Rivera told Anthony Panza that he was convicted of murder in 1996 when a neighbor touched his daughter inappropriately. Rivera beat his victim so severely, including stomping on him, that the alleged predator had an aneurysm that killed him. Whether to hide the body or to continue punishing him for his sick transgression, Alexander Rivera dismembered the other man and threw almost all of his body in the incinerator of his building.

anthony panza

Candidly, Alexander Rivera told Anthony Panza and his Grinchy sidekick that he was caught with the torso of his victim. He says he made sure that the incident with his daughter was included in a police report and chuckled when he revealed that he “only got 5 to 15 for it. While he had to be punished for his crime, it seems the courts recognized the extreme duress that was caused him by his daughter being violated.

Anthony Panza included this encounter in his 23-minute-long YouTube Christmas video and cropped the excerpt to share on his Tik Tok. Fans responded positively to Alexander Rivera’s story, many of them admitting that they would do something similar if faced with what Rivera’s victim did. Some made Tik Tok duets or videos that are featured in tandem with the original, expressing their opinion about what Rivera did and how upfront he was with the BMX biking media personality.

Anthony Panza makes a lot of videos of himself riding various bikes around New York City and interacting with the public. The pro BMX rider is sponsored by Cult Crew, of which he is a member, as well as Merritt and Vans. He takes to the street on his YouTube channel with his bikes and skateboards to ride around town, displaying them to his social media audiences on Instagram and YouTube as well as to the people he encounters on his treks.

It is clear from the video that Anthony Panza got more than he bargained for when he asked Alexander Rivera if he wanted a picture together with Santa and the Grinch. However, Alexander Rivera was very friendly and more than willing to engage with the social media star, volunteering his dark story with humor and acceptance. Murder is always a punishable crime, but it is easy to see where a man can be driven to such immense rage when his daughter has been assaulted.