Yellowstone Stars React To Rumor The Show Is Ending And Their Responses Are Driving Fans Wild

Yellowstone stars Lainey Wilson and Piper Perabo tell fans not to listen to the viral rumors about the alleged drama between Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

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The cast of Yellowstone

Rumor around the ranch has it that Yellowstone could be ending after season five due to infighting between Kevin Costner and the series’ creator Taylor Sheridan. When asked what they thought about these rumors, series stars Lainey Wilson and Piper Perabo didn’t seem to have heard much about it one way or the other, but Perabo had some sage Hollywood advice to share that gave fans hope. “I mean, there’s always a lot of drama when it comes to Yellowstone,” she told ET, “don’t believe everything you hear!”

Both Wilson and Perabo were asked about the fate of Yellowstone while walking the red carpet for Billboard’s Women in Music Awards gala in Los Angeles. When Wilson was asked about Yellowstone ending, she said that she hopes it isn’t and hopes she can still be a part of the show moving forward. “I have a feeling they’re going to end it the right way,” she said, adding that she suspects that that would mean that the series will keep going for a while longer.

Interestingly, Wilson had never acted before appearing in Yellowstone. She was, instead, a country singer – which, in most people’s opinions, isn’t too far from being a character on a Western-themed series anyway. She called acting on Yellowstone “such a cool experience” and hopes that it can continue in spite of these rumors that the show will be ending sooner rather than later.

Piper Perabo, on the other hand, has been an actress for a long time, rising to fame with roles in films and shows like Coyote Ugly and Covert Affairs. She plays the role of Summer Higgins, an animal rights activist that was introduced to fans in Season 4 of Yellowstone. With her experience in the industry, Perabo knows that you should always take rumors like the one about the show ending with a grain of salt, as it is that kind of drama (fictitious or otherwise) that keeps entertainment magazines and websites in business.

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She also made it clear that reports about Kevin Costner being hard to work with on the set of Yellowstone were also false. She called him “inspiring” and “amazing” and described him as being a consummate professional. Wilson chimed in to sing Costner’s praises as well, saying that, while she didn’t film any scenes with him and didn’t actually ever meet him, everything she has heard about him says that “he is just as kind as he is talented.”

Perabo seemed to know a bit more about the direction of where Yellowstone was going and how soon the show might actually be ending, but, like the professional she is, she isn’t telling. She does seem to imply, though, that all the rumors about the show ending are most likely all smoke and no fire and that there is more story to come.

However, there may be some truth to the rumors about Costner and Sheridan arguing over upcoming episodes of Yellowstone. Reportedly, their problems stem from scheduling issues, among other things. According to Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni, the biggest issue was with the shooting days, as Costner wanted to have time to work on his upcoming potential magnum opus Horizon while the Yellowstone crew wanted him to work on the show, which he had agreed to do and which they are “paying [him] a lot of money to do.”

Whether this will end up leading to an early Yellowstone ending is unknown at the moment, but fans should take heart and listen to Piper Perabo when she says not to believe everything you hear.