The Fate Of Yellowstone Season 5 Has Been Decided

By Nathan Kamal | 3 months ago

yellowstone season 5

Whatever doubt there was about the fate of Yellowstone season 5 is gone. The smash hit show on the Paramount Network has been officially renewed. This is of course no surprise. The Kevin Costner-led drama is one of the most watched shows in the world, and is only getting more popular with each season. The recent finale of the fourth season had over 10 million viewers, reaching not just a record high for Yellowstone, but for the entire Paramount Network. Production on the new season is expected to begin in May, but fans of the show and creator Taylor Sheridan will have no shortage of programs in the meantime. 

Yellowstone season 5 is expected to follow star Kevin Costner’s character of John Dutton as he contemplates pursuing a run for the governorship of Montana. There is also the matter of his son Jaime Dutton (Wes Bentley) capping off the fourth season by murdering his biological father. And of course, he was photographed doing so by Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), so some blackmail may be in order for the upcoming season. Then there’s other son Kayce Dutton, who we last saw pursuing a vision quest and a possible phantom wolf. There will probably also be a lot of shots of the majestic Montana landscape, and some cattle. At the very least, Yellowstone is a fitting successor to the soapy dramas of the past like Dallas and Dynasty

yellowstone season 5

It is also a very successful formula for creator/showrunner Taylor Sheridan. Whatever his plans for Yellowstone season 5, he already has an entire universe of television shows in the works. After switching gears from acting in shows like Sons of Anarchy to creating them, Sheridan has swiftly become one of the most prolific and powerful showrunners in current television. In addition to the mega-popularity of Yellowstone on the basic cable format of Paramount, he has a number of shows on the Paramount+ platform either in production or currently streaming. The Jeremy Renner-starring Mayor of Kingstown was recently renewed for a second season, while the 1883 prequel spinoff of Yellowstone has recently netted guest spots from stars like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. That’s in addition to the planned Yellowstone: 6666 spinoff, which will take place at the famous real-life 6666 Ranch in Texas (of which Sheridan recently became a part owner). 

Yellowstone has become one of the most popular shows in the world based on its utilization of classic Americana tropes like the rugged frontier, cowboy imagery and Kevin Costner. It has also been increasingly recognized by critics, receiving Screen Actor Guild Award nominations for this last season. The show is also something of a cultural talking point, with its massive popularity being both linked to its conservative view of America and it being the sole remaining scripted show on the cable Paramount Network. Paramount is utilizing the success of the show to bolster awareness of its streaming shows on Paramount+, but it remains to be seen if Yellowstone season 5 will manage to draw its viewers to a new medium for viewing.