Yellowstone Star Already Teasing Cliffhanger End of Season 4

By Erika Hanson | 5 days ago

yellowstone season 4 kevin costner

Monica Dutton is no newcomer to the drama that entwines the Dutton family. And while fans of the character were pleased to find that Monica and Tate survived the deadly events that took place during the cliffhanger ending to Yellowstone’s season 3, the mother was nowhere to be seen in episode two of Yellowstone season 4. The question remains, what’s in store next for the maternal mother, teacher, and wife? Actress Kelsey Asbille took to the press to discuss what would happen this season for her character while teasing at a possible cliffhanger ending again in Season 4.

In the wake of the thrilling Yellowstone season 4 premiere, fans were left wondering what was happening with Monica considering she was noticeably absent. But luckily fans of the maternal character don’t need to fret, as according to Asbille herself, Monica isn’t going anywhere. In a recent interview with CBR, Asbille discussed playing Monica Dutton, along with what could come in Yellowstone Season 4 for the character. Asbille said, “She (Monica) comes to terms with the consequences of being in Dutton. So she goes back to her people and her culture as a way of healing. I think that that’s a really beautiful part of the season. The ending, though, is really crazy — That’s all I gotta say”

Throughout the third season, we saw Monica and Kayce grow closer in their on-again-off-again relationship, as the couple moved back onto the ranch with their son. But as per the norm in Yellowstone, the violent legacies that engulf the Dutton family caught up to Monica and her son again. Yellowstone Season 4 opened with Monica and Tate being attacked inside the Dutton family home. While Monica struggles in the attack, Tate shoots and kills the masked man and the mother and son make it to the bunkhouse. 

“There is something that comes at her that’s unexpected but also kind of playful. It brings out a different side in Monica that we haven’t seen.”, said Asbille. It seems that after living through a kidnapping, and the continuous threats that face the Dutton family- Monica might truly be attempting to get her family out of the grasps of the violence that entangles the Dutton clan. The actress hinted that in Yellowstone Season 4, Monica might dive even deeper into her Native American culture as a means to heal and get through the traumas that her direct family has faced.

Yellowstone, the hit drama series from Paramount Network, stars Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Gil Birmingham, and Kelsey Asbille. The series follows the Dutton family, led by Costner’s John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Kelsey Asbille plays Monica Dutton, a Native American resident of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation on Yellowstone. Married into the Dutton family through Kayce Dutton and sharing a child with the son of the patriarch of Dutton ranch, Monica is often put into difficult positions due to the bad relationship between her tribe and the Dutton family.

It’s apparent throughout Yellowstone that Monica’s biggest role in her family is trying to keep her son safe. And after all the traumatic events that have unfolded through the first three seasons, season 4 will most likely be a turning point for the character. So what exactly will the cliffhanger for Yellowstone season 4 entail? Kelsey Asbille remained tight-lipped about that, but it surely will be a monumental moment for the character.