Yellowstone Star Just Joined One Of The Most Anticipated Upcoming Reboot Movies

Jefferson White of Yellowstone fame will play Tom Ferrell in the upcoming Hellboy film, The Crooked Man.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

jefferson white

Kevin Costner isn’t the only Yellowstone star to find their schedule quickly filling up. Deadline reports that Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom on Paramount Network’s hit series, has added his name to the call list for the Hellboy reboot, The Crooked Man. White will take on the role of Tom Ferrell who, in the comic books, is a man who banishes himself from the local community after his adventures in witchcraft get out of hand. 

Jefferson White’s casting was announced alongside that of Resident Evil star Adeline Rudolph who joins the cast as Bobbie Jo Song. Leading the pack as the latest version of the titular comic book-turned-film character will be Deadpool 2’s Jack Kesy who steps into the role previously portrayed by Ron Perlman and David Harbour. Taking a seat in the director’s chair will be Crank-helmer Brian Taylor who will work from a script co-written by the original comic’s creators Mike Mignola and Chris Golden.

In The Crooked Man, we’ll catch up with Kesy’s Hellboy who has found himself stuck in 1950s rural Appalachia alongside a greenhorn BPRD agent. The duo will come to find that they may be out of their league as they’re surrounded by a secretive and tightly knit community that’s overrun by witches who bow down to their leader who holds a bond with Hellboy’s past. While it isn’t immediately clear how Jefferson White’s Tom Ferrell will come into play, from what we know of his involvement with witchcraft in the comics, he’ll likely appear in a sidekick capacity. 

Despite being a fixture on Yellowstone for its first few seasons, Jefferson White was absent for much of the first part of the show’s fifth season after a somber departure for the 6666 Ranch in Season 4. After leaving a criminal life behind and getting a job on the Dutton’s ranch, White’s character Jimmy Hurdstrom struck up a relationship with ranch hand Emily (Kathryn Kelly) with audiences eagerly watching as their romance progressed. After not appearing in the first batch of Yellowstone Season 5 episodes due to his new life at the 6666 Ranch, Jimmy finally made a comeback in the mid-season finale which aired on New Year’s Day.

Now, like many other storylines from the Western series, Jimmy’s is up in the air with fans not knowing if he’ll stick around Montana or return to Texas where it’s possible the character could appear on the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, Yellowstone: 6666. With Jefferson White seeking out new gigs like The Crooked Man, there’s a big chance that we may see less and less of Jimmy when the second half of Season 5 comes out – hopefully sometime this summer. If that were to be the case, he wouldn’t be the only star we’ll be catching less of, as the main man in charge – Kevin Costner – has also been busy with his side project, Horizon.

Outside of his time in Yellowstone, you may have spotted Jefferson White on shows like Blue Bloods or How To Get Away With Murder. He’s also appeared in a recurring role on the recent tenth season of Chicago P.D. and will soon appear in William Oldroyd’s period psychological thriller, Eileen, as well as Alex Garland’s action feature, Civil War. Filming for The Crooked Man will soon begin in Bulgaria.