Yellowstone Sets Fall Premiere Date, Here’s When And Where To Watch

By Britta DeVore | Updated

kevin costner
Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

The wait is finally over and the Duttons are riding full steam ahead back onto CBS. According to the network (as per, Yellowstone reruns will be premiering on Sunday nights following football beginning on Sunday, September 17.

This marks a momentous occasion for the Taylor Sheridan-created series as it will be the very first time that the production is airing on a network following four-and-a-half seasons on the Paramount Network. With audiences holding their breath after a cliffhanger from the first half of Season 5, the news is sure to be the highlight of many viewers’ days – if not weeks. 

Yellowstone reruns will air on CBS Sunday nights, beginning September 17.

How and when fans can catch follow-up episodes of Yellowstone’s Season 5 is a bit of a tricky one, with CBS planning to air at least one episode per week following the game. However, on weeks that there’s only one football game, as opposed to two, the series will air back-to-back episodes.

Yellowstone season 5
Rip and Beth in Yellowstone

Those looking for their double dose of Yellowstone will be bummed on those weeks that there are two games as the series will only release one episode following the event.

Yellowstone Season 5

After the first half of Yellowstone Season 5 bowed out on the first day of this year, audiences have been waiting to hear news surrounding when Kevin Costner and the rest of the cast would be back for more action. Due to filming schedules, with Costner moving forward with his own Western-themed project titled Horizon, the Golden Globe winner was struggling to find time in his busy schedule to continue filming.

Rumors began to fly that Yellowstone would be bowing out following the upcoming Season 5. Back in early May, the rumors were affirmed to be true by Paramount, which said that this would be the final episodes for this story of the critically acclaimed series.

However, there are plenty more tales to be told with a handful of prequels and spin-offs already in the works and the possibility of leading characters of Yellowstone to receive their own sequels.

Yellowstone Spinoffs

Taylor Sheridan first realized that he had struck gold when he launched the prequel series 1883 at the end of 2021. From there, it was off to the races as the network greenlit a slew of other projects including the Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford-led 1923, which has been renewed for a second season, as well as upcoming titles, including Lawmen: Bass Reeves, 6666, 1924, and a yet-to-be-named sequel series that will pick up following the events of Yellowstone Season 5 and is set to star Matthew McConaughey in the leading role. 

As for what audiences can expect from the last handful of episodes from Yellowstone Season 5, there’s bound to be plenty more family drama as the rifts between the Duttons continue to tear them apart. Meanwhile, threats from outside will also make the family question one another’s loyalty. No release date for the remainder of Season 5 has been announced.