The X-Files Reboot In The Works From Marvel’s Most Important Director

Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther, has allegedly been in talks with Chris Carter about The X-Files reboot.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

ryan coogler
Danai Gurira and Ryan Coogler on set

The groundbreaking sci-fi series The X-Files has been on ice since 2018 with the end of the revival series starring Gillan Anderson and David Duchovny, but now, Ryan Coogler is bringing it back again. Bloody Disgusting reported on the news from an interview series creator Chris Carter gave to On the Coast With Gloria Macarenko, where he said, “I just spoke to a young man… Ryan Coogler… who is going to remount The X-Files with a diverse cast.”

Coogler is the director of the Black Panther films, along with the first Creed, and is one of the hottest rising directors in Hollywood today. While hearing the word “diverse” may scare off some fans used to Mulder and Scully, we’ve had 30 years with the original stars, and a reboot focusing on younger agents sounds like a good direction for the franchise. Given his track record, Coogler’s earned the benefit of the doubt, even if he hasn’t done anything in the sci-fi horror space that The X-Files perfected.

In his previous work, Ryan Coogler has focused on good characters that happened to be black, which is the best way to infuse diversity in a franchise like The X-Files. He’ll have a harder time coming up with a solid conspiracy following the effectiveness of the original show and all the later sci-fi shows that followed.

The X-Files

What Ryan Coogler could be attached to instead of a full-on revival is the previously announced The X-Files: Albuquerque, an animated series focused on the FBI’s “B-Team” of X-Files agents. That seems unlikely, especially for someone as big as Coogler, the third most successful Marvel director behind James Gunn and the Russo brothers. Still, it’s been years since new information came out about the animated show, while everything related to another live-action revival has focused on Gillian Anderson and Duchovny being non-committal.

At separate times, the two stars said they’d come back if the other did and if Chris Carter had a great story to tell. From the interview, he may be stepping back and advising the younger Coogler as he assumes franchise control. Since 1993, the franchise has benefited from Carter’s creative vision; passing on the reins to an accomplished director has to happen at some point for The X-Files to live on, so why not now?

Other than the rumor of Ryan Coogler being involved with The X-Files, there’s no news to report, either good or bad, regarding the fate of the franchise. Fans are used to waiting and being severely disappointed (The X-Files: Fight the Future) or happy (the latest revival series), but their patience is always rewarded. The day may come when there’s no more additions to the franchise, but with this latest rumor, that day is not today.