The Worst Marvel Show Has Been Revealed In New Study

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown exponentially since Iron Man graced theater screens back in 2008. And its current catalog is expanding from films into record-breaking TV shows. These shows have helped paint a much broader picture of the ever-expanding comic universe that has filled the minds of fans since 1939. That being said, Marvel can sometimes miss the mark when it comes to the content they are trying to deliver. Not everything has been a hit and anything this big is going to have a worst-of list. A new study on TV series has revealed the worst Marvel show. That show is Iron Fist.

A website by the name of Uswitch did an internal study of negative comments that had been written on IMDB reviews. When the website’s broadband comparison team focused on negative comments collected from reviews on IMDB, they determined that Iron Fist was heavily in the lead of negative comments, and is in fact, the worst Marvel show.

Iron Fist was the worst rated in this study, as fans felt it was a “waste of time.” Iron Fist is one of The Defenders and was always meant to be a bigger part of a street-level Avengers-like team. However, the show itself was a bit of a bore, according to recent studies. The worst Marvel show could be seen as a little unfair, but the criticisms might be accurate on this one. The series currently has a 37% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 68% audience score. That’s an F and a D+ for any school aficionados reading this. Defending the show might not be so easy.

iron fist marvel

Through around 13 seasons and 161 episodes of content and six shows, calling Iron Fist the worst Marvel show is a bit harsh, and sometimes we must remember that everything is subjective. Not everyone is going to like the same things. However, the critiques on this show aren’t without some agreement with this writer. Everyone can argue that the “world’s best martial artist” did a lot more talking and nonsense than actually fighting. Everyone understands origin stories, but when you return to Earth with the most superior fighting skills, you would like to see them used.

The issue may have been that Iron Fist was attempting to copy the likes of Daredevil, by dragging along Matt Murdock’s turning into Daredevil, but they are not the same show. Everyone who has ever read Daredevil knows that Murdock donned the solid black outfit before he naturally turned into the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Iron First decided to follow that same formula to an odd degree, and it failed. That could be why it has been labeled the worst Marvel show. Sometimes when a superhero has superpowers, we need to see them in the act. At the very least, the hero using them and failing as they aren’t properly trained.

There is no telling what happened with Iron Fist. Jessica Jones has an 83%, Luke Cage has 87% and The Defenders has a 78%. Something went awry with Iron First, leading it to be called the worst Marvel show. The odd thing is that Inhumans has an even worse score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an 11%. However you might feel about it, Iron Fist is currently streaming on Netflix. Watch it and make the determination if it is truly the worst Marvel show.