Fans Of A Canceled Netflix Show Are Staging A World Tour To Save The Series

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago


Netflix certainly doesn’t shy away from canceling programs that they deem “unsuccessful.” Sometimes they do get cancelations wrong, as great shows that bring in tons of fans and critical praise often fall by the wayside of the decision-makers of the streaming platform. That certainly seems to be the case for the canceled show, Julie and the Phantoms. Now a fan-led campaign has been ongoing to save the show. This campaign includes a petition and the now dubbed “The Orpheum tour.” This world tour consists of billboards, cinemas, and theaters sporting marquees begging for the show to be saved.

Julie and the Phantoms had a nine-episode season, which aired back in September of 2020. The show was met with tons of praise, though it became unceremoniously canceled back in December of 2021. Naturally, fans of the show were blindsided by the news from Netflix, and they took it upon themselves to try and save the show. The campaign started in the usual way, with blasting a hashtag on social media pages to bring awareness to the show. Hashtags like #savejatp, #JulieAndThePhantoms, or #SAVEJULIEANDTHEPHANTOMSā€¯ were being broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This was apparently not enough, as a petition was started to save the show as well. It is reportedly fast approaching 200,000 signatures at this point.

julie and the phantoms

Julie and the Phantoms is a show that follows the story of Julie, who has a high passion for music. She discovers her rise to fame through a band called The Phantoms. However, the band is a bunch of boys who have been dead for 25 years. Through this unlikely pairing, Julie helps The Phantoms become the band they always wish they could become. The show was met with quite a bit of critical success, as the musical-comedy was nominated for 13 Daytime Emmy Awards. The show won three of those nominations. It also currently has a 93% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an even higher 98% audience rating. The show has been praised for its feel-good themes of inclusivity, inspiring moments, and togetherness. These themes are likely why the campaign has amassed such attention.

It’s strange that a show with that many award nominations and such a high critic rating got canceled. Julie and the Phantoms was created by Dan Cross and David Hodge, with Kenny Ortega producing. Through the campaign to save the show, Ortega took to his Instagram to acknowledge the support for the show to be revived. It sure sounds as if the fans of the show are beginning to make headway with attempting to revive the canceled series.

Although the campaign to save Julie and the Phantoms has garnered plenty of attention, it will take a great deal more to revive the Netflix show. Not to rain on the parade of the fans campaigning for the show to return, but a much more successful campaign was enacted on behalf of Anne with the E. The series got canceled and a whopping 1.5 million signatures were put together as part of a campaign to save that show. However, it was sadly never revived. Hopefully, JATP will have more success, especially with how much has clearly got into reviving the canceled show.